Watch The 14-Year Evolution Of PC Graphics In One Video

Wow, PC graphics have really come a long way. YouTube user PerfectHandVideos created this fascinating 130-minute-long collection of real-time PC graphics, using Nvidia demos, graphics benchmarks and in-game benchmarks in chronological order from 2000 to present day.

The 3DMark 2001 Matrix scene still looks stunning, that's for sure.

The Evolution Of Real Time PC Graphics [YouTube]


    Man, I still remember watching the benchmark that came with Half Life 2 and being completely and utterly amazed that we'd reached that point.

    Now I look at the Hitman Absolution demos and wonder how ten years has allowed that kind of increase in detail, and in realtime no less.

    What's with all the dancing fairies? They're just embarrassing to watch.

    I remember a good few of these.
    But what the hell was that awful looking eye of sauron thing at the end?

      Furmark. It's one of the best stress-testers for video cards you can find, and it's free. It's basically a ridiculously detailed, furry ring that rotates.

    Am I the only one who instinctively thought 14 years would mean Doom etc? I cant believe that THOSE graphics are from 14 years ago. I feel so old.

    I like the fact that the tree in 2000 is still better than half the trees in Battlefield 3.

      tree graphics has definitely been a week spot of the industry.

        That's a major thing I loved about the original Crysis. The vegetation was so life like and that makes so much difference to game play.

    So who'd like to put on their editing hat and cut that down to a manageable couple of minutes? To make it fun you can set it to some kind of obnoxious dub step song.

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    I still remember being wowed the first time I saw transparent forcefields in Jedi Knight, reflective surfaces in Unreal, coloured lighting in Quake 2... I wish graphics still "wowed" me :(

      Believe it or not, my last real "wow" was COD4. I took a few years off before it's release and the character animation was amazing to see for the first time. Before that maybe the original FarCry, I know I wasn't the only one who spend an hour just standing on the beach!

      Hopefully the new console generation allows us to see the AAA's do something impressive again, tired of feeling held back!

    I'd take the game play of Soldier of Fortune 2 over the graphics of COD any day.

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