Watch This New Crysis 3 Trailer For The Gameplay Or The New Muse Song -- Your Call!

This Crysis 3 trailer has all the things you might expect: slow motion, gun porn, needlessly big-arse explosions. But it's missing one key ingredient: dubstep. Seems like Crytek followed the wrong recipe. Instead of chucking some wub-wub into the mix, it used a new Muse song instead!

Come on Crytek. This is unacceptable! Muse? Where is the drop?


    Muse is terrible, I would've preferred some dubstep. Not that they aren't anymore, their other new song is dubstep without any enjoyment whatsoever.

      Muse is great.

        Muse WERE great.

        They started great with Showbiz, got better with Origin of Symmetry, took a sideways step to Absolution, and have been steadily going downhill as Matt attempts to emulate his heroes - which has resulted in them losing everything that made them great to start with.

          While I disagree, I respect your opinion. But I think BH&R was as good as Absolution. OoS and Showbiz are my favourites, so I agree there. And I'll even agree with you that Resistance was a shitstain. But I think the new album, while personally not my favourite style, was technically no worse than a lot of other stuff. Just extremely different.

    Sigh you got me excited for nothing. New Muse? sorry guys you are about 6 months to late for the song to be called new. Song is called "Liquid State" and was on their last album that got released 28 September 2012.

    Muse are amazing, if you make better music, feel free to share it.

    What gives? using a decent song instead of more mindless wub in a trailer?

    what has the world come to..

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