Apollo Justice Is Coming To Ace Attorney 5, But In Bandages

Apollo Justice starred in his own Ace Attorney game, which was the fourth Ace Attorney game in the series, after Phoenix Wright was disbarred.

Even though Phoenix Wright is back for the forthcoming 3DS title Ace Attorney 5, Apollo Justice is once again returning to the series. Though, he looks worse for wear. A lot worse.

As revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu, Apollo Justice is back. However, his right eye is bandaged as are his arms. A full look can be seen below:

In case you missed it, here are Kotaku's impressions of the upcoming Ace Attorney 5.

逆転裁判 [2ch]


    Might be a result of the courtroom bombing?

    I understand that it is Capcom and that the Ace Attorney games are very much an obscure take on the fighting game genre but that model for Apollo would not look out of place in the next street fighter character roster

    Can't wait! Probably need to replay AA4 again though, kind of fuzzy on the story now.

    I see they're pulling a Raiden on poor Apollo.

    OH NO.. TRUCY!!!

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