A Telltale Heartbeat Informs The Latest Hero Of Ace Attorney

Taking a page from Matt Murdock, the latest hero of the Ace Attorney series is a lawyer who can listen to heartbeats to determine if they're telling the truth. That said, Kizuki Kokone is not yet an expert at doing so, says the game's official web page, in a post revealing her arrival in Ace Attorney 5.

Joining Apollo Justice in the pursuit of truth, Kokone's talent is manifest in the Heart Scope, a panel she checks as a witness gives his or her testimony. When using it, players will also hear noises mixed with the witness statements. Reducing that noise level, and interpreting whether and how the statements conflict with certain emotions, will be key to deducing whether someone's testimony is true or bunk.

The official page announcing Kokone is in Japanese. Ace Attorney 5 will be released on the 3DS in Japan this year and has been confirmed for a western release, though its specific date has not yet been set.

Meet Ace Attorney 5′s Kizuki Kokone, Who Solves Cases By Listening To Hearts [Siliconera]


    I can't help but get the mental image of a witness in court testifying, with her with her ear to their chest to listen to their heartbeat.

    I was thinking more Matt Murdoch style listening to the heart beat.

    so i hadn't seen that apollo artwork from before.

    damn, he is looking sufficiently badass

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