Chinese Company Offers House Call Maid Service To Play DoTA

Chinese Company Offers House Call Maid Service To Play DoTA

My apartment is a mess, my many online game accounts are in terrible disarray and need attention, but with two jobs and a dog, I really don’t have time to do everything I should. However, according to a post on Sina Weibo, a Chinese IT company is offering a service that can change all that: a house-call maid service.

There are loads of things you can do with maids, like play Wii Fit with them. However, you can only do these things in Japan. In a post on the Chinese Twitter clone Sina Weibo, the popular “Alibuybuy” posted threaded images of a girl making house calls in China, cosplaying as a maid.

The post explains that the maid, dressed in what some netizens are calling a French maid attire, goes to customers’ houses and spends the day. According to Alibuybuy, the maid works for a Chinese IT company, but many netizens, including reporters at NetEase and Sina, speculate that the so-called IT company is actually just an advertising company.

Images accompanying the post showed the maid doing various household chores:


She made the bed, did some dishes and cooked dinner. She also video-chatted with the customer’s parents. However, the thing that really drove netizens insane is the fact that she’ll play Defense of the Ancients.


It’s unknown whether this is all a publicity stunt or not, and not much is known about the IT company itself. The post says it might be located in Lanzhou, Gansu province. Our friends at Sina and NetEase, as well as some of the 1000 plus commenters, say that it’s just another terribly sexist advertising scheme to promote a product.

Sadly, the only thing I can see this promoting (apart from sexism) is DOTA, and I don’t really see how this helps the game. Personally, I wouldn’t mind having a pretty cleaning lady come to my apartment and clean.


Top picture: Sina Weibo


  • Is it just me or is this article worded weirdly, like it’s talking about a robot and not an actual woman?

  • Wonder how much the service costs, and if she’s any good at the game? Maybe it’s just an enterprising female gamer who doesn’t mind being paid to look good.

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