Chinese Gamer Shuts Self In Home For 6 Years

Chinese Gamer Shuts Self In Home For 6 Years

Last week, a post broke out on the Chinese Twitter clone Sina Weibo about a young a man who hasn’t left his home in 6 years. The post, an impassioned plea for help, was written by the man’s father in hopes that someone could help his son return to his normal life.

The post on Weibo, picked up by Xinhua, explained 27 year-old “Xiao Jiang’s” sudden change of lifestyle. According to his father, Ye Yuming, in he suddenly quit his job and purchased a computer in 2007. Xiao Jiang supposedly then went on to play online games night and day, occasionally taking a break for food.

After a while Xiao Jiang’s “descent” into hermithood started to concern his father. Ye says that his son started to sleep all day and game all night, often forgoing meals. Xiao Jiang’s hygiene also took a sharp downturn; he would often wear the same clothes days on end and refuse to shower. On top of the weird hours and hygiene issues, Ye says that Xiao Jiang started to cut off communications with the family.

When the news broke out that Xiao Jiang had been holed up in his home for the last 6 years, reporters visited the Ye household in Hangzhou. Xiao Jiang seemed to be very much against talking to the reporters or his father, and when they attempted to go into his room, he grabbed a knife.

According to Xinhua’s psychological expert, Xiao Jiang may be suffering from certain psychological obstacles, obstacles that aren’t normally associated with online game “addiction.” Xinhua’s psych expert also said that Xiao Jiang’s unwillingness to talk to outsiders could be a form of extreme paranoia.

Whatever the case may be, let’s hope the guy gets some help.

27岁青年沉溺游戏6年足不出户 父亲微博求助 [Xinhua via Tencent]

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    • I’d rather suck in some of that fresh pollution, than be stuck indoors playing those godawful grindfest that East Asia seems to love.

  • Wow. Look how bad he looks in 6 years. And he’s only 28!

    Truly a warning to others.

    But seriously, that’s terrible, I hope they can get him some help. They should sabotage his PC. He wouldn’t be able to play for so long without someone giving him money for equipment, internet and good. If they’re going to enable him… well why would he stop?

  • I don’t understand how things like this can occur – in the few times I was obsessed with video games, it was either family or girlfriend that pulled me out of the loop.

    I can’t comprehend how those around him could let it go on for 6 years – can anyone maybe shed some light on how that could happen.

    I do hope he gets the help he needs.

  • Ahh Hangzhou.. well that explains a lot. There’s a lot of entitled rich kids living there.. even the poor families have ‘little emperors’ in that city.. This is the city in China where you will see the most people driving around in Ferraris, Porches, and Lamborghinis etc..

    But seriously.. 6 years? Regardless of his ‘little emperor’ entitlement issues.. what are the parents doing..? 6 years…… they should have taken action after 6 months.

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