Final Fantasy's Lightning Doesn't Like Sand -- It's Coarse, Rough And Irritating

Also there are sand dragon things, which are not soft and smooth. The latest batch of screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII Sequel Two: I Guess You Guys Wanted to Play as Lightning shows off the Dead Dunes, a land of dunes and deadness in the world of Nova Chrysalia.

Sand is pretty great. It's easy to colour, easy to render (unless you want to get all fancy), and it makes for screenshots that look like every other screenshot ever taken of a desert area with ruins and palm trees. Square Enix has been wandering the desert for decades. One of these days I'll have to compile a list of my favourites. Unlimited Saga would be right up there at the top.

The screens also show off the various shopping Lightning will be able to do while she's not busy posing dramatically in front of emerging sand beasts. Screenshots of shop interfaces are not as exciting as sand, but what is, really?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming later this year to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Sand, sand, sand.


    Any word on collectors ed yet? not that it looks great, I just have the collectors for the last two so may as well get this one too.

      Yeah I'm hoping for a nice collectors edition too.

      There will be, OH, there will be.

    I look at those and for some reason think White Knight Chronicles. I am looking forward to it though, I hope it isn't just Liara/Lightning.

    Damn that pruple skirt is seriously unflattering. Hope that isn't what Dark muse looks like from the front, because it sure looks hot from behind:

    Last edited 22/03/13 12:29 pm

      Colour it red and you'd have that strip Ash wore and called a skirt.

    Dude in third picture is the casino owner in Serendipity... curious....

    This looks good, but what's with the slutty mini-skirt?

    Also, no party? I really like a party in my FF games.

      what's with the slutty mini-skirt?

      After being frozen in crystal for 500 years, I guess you wake up kinda horny....

    Lightning is probably the Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 PC I cared least about.
    Oh well I'm still looking forward to it.

    kill lighnting off now. They have really over done it with her. am i right in saying VERSUS! cmon its ridiculous that they have brought out all these FF games and Versus is yet to be released. ahhh...

    This image:

    Indicates that your hp doesn't recover between battles.....

    this image:
    could potentially indicate recuitable minions, ala FF13-2

    Looks like shes been through Rikku's G-string collection again...tut tut Lightning

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks alright?

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