Get A Good Look At The PS4 User Interface

Today, screenshots purported to be the showing the PS4's user interface have popped up online. 2ch, Japan's largest online bulletin board, is pointing to a series of images on Japanese site Game no Hanashi.

The images looks like the user interface Sony showed at its recent event in New York City, and depict the user home page, which lists your friends, trophies, feed and shared media as well as add-on content.

There's also a profile page and a shared content page that shows how PS4 owners will share content with their friends. The screens also provide insight as to how the sharing process might work, including a Trim Video editing feature.

Other screens apparently show how streaming and tablet viewing work for the PS4.

Kotaku is following up with Sony to confirm the authenticity of these images and will update this post should the company comment.

In case you missed it, here's all Kotaku knows about the PS4.

PlayStation 4 ユーザーインターフェースのスクリーンショットが公開 [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし via 2ch]


    looks much better then the ps3 interface, something just didn't sit right with me on the ps3 menu

      I like the ps3 interface, in terms of functionality. It could be because it's more or less the same as my Sony Bravia's interface which I really like for a TV, and I was used to it when I got my PS3.

        Im just used to the 360, i thought the ps3 had way to many menus and needs to be trimmed down

          360 was better...before all the ads & junk

          Compared to the 360 dashboard the PS3 is simple and functional. I can start playing a game quickly which is more than can be said for the advertising filled atrocity that Microsoft makes us use now.

          I won't be making any kind of judgement on the PS4 UI until its up on my TV and I've got the new controller in hand to see how it navigates.

            Um.... on the xbox you just press A on the ps3 you have to go to game scroll down till you find the disk then press X

              On the Ps3 it can be set so once you login, it is ready to play so you can just press "x" or even set to boot game upon inserting a game.

    Do you have to use stock photos of attractive people for your avatar?

      They'll make an exception for you if you wish.

      I'm already pretty attractive, so I'll just go with my natural beauty. Still trying to decide whether that will include pants or not.

        Go ahead, use Goatse, you know you wanna...

          Hmm... with this ability to stream footage from the PS Eye camera, I'm thinking it might be time for a bit of 2 Gamers 1 Cup action.

            In glorious 3d!!!!!!

              With microtransactions! Pay $2 to see me squeeze out a log now, otherwise wait 20 minutes.

                roflmao oh god you terrible man I was just eating a sausage sandwich... oh god...

            PS Brown-Eye

    Similar asymmetric grid layout to the current 360 dashboard. Difficult to navigate with a controller, so I guess they're going to be making full use of the pointer abilities of the new controller!

      What about the touch pad. All this looks nice, But we really don't know much about PS4 yet.

        I will pretend that I was including that when I said "pointer", but you're right - the combination of move functionality and touchpad should mean that everybody can find a comfortable way to navigate the UI.

          No complaints here. This article showed me a lot more than, what I could absorb during Sony's presentation. I was all into games and had no idea how game changing these features are.
          Thank for writing this.


    Too much stuff I don't need. You know what I'd like? Customisation.
    Put what you want where you want it.
    I really hate being forced to look at stuff that has little to no interest to me.

    Last edited 01/03/13 10:49 am

    I'd be a lot more interested in screens that show me how I'll be doing the mundane stuff like starting a game or browsing my media server.

    Everything looks like Windows 8 now. Ugh.

    Looks like the Xbox 360 dash or windows 8 tiles or windows phone tiles. I like the simplicity of these interfaces through so good job Sony.

    Look's like a pile of shit. Completely proprietary bull-crap. Can the user customise any of this? Hah, no yeah. They're not showing the advertisements that I know they'll have in there. It looks just like xbox dashboard which is a crime against humanity. I'm sure my fanboi friends will get upset when I tell them their new overpriced toy has a stupid UI.

      you sound like you need a hug

    I thought you were supposed to show the new PS4 interface, not what appears to be screenshots of windows 8.

    I really hope Sony redesign the Vita UI like this.

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