Hey, SimCity, Fix Your Servers So Francis Can Get His Free Disaster

SimCity launched overnight, if by "launched" one means "was as inaccessible as it was the day before". For some, anyway. Here to give voice to their rage is Francis, who's upset that billions of simoleons in vital public infrastructure is needlessly delayed by EA's inability to offer preloading.

Sit back, take a pull on a two-litre Mountain Dew and enjoy. (And, oh yeah, audio is NSFW.)


    "Get your life together man!" Pot calling the kettle black?

      He runs a comedy Youtube channel with 330,000 subscribers and some 87 million video views. I'd say his life is doing pretty well =)

        And he's gonna be dead in a few years courtesy of his great diet an lack of exercise...

          He is actually trying to lose weight at the moment, I think he has a separate channel for his progress. It's pretty awesome.

      I've been told he's a really nice guy and what we see is just a character. He makes good money from his videos so he does indeed have his life together as an entertainer In the Internet media medium

        This is one of the good things that came from the failed release :) He reminds me of a character from Family Guy or something :) Hilarious :)

        The other guy I like for this kind of stuff is Angry Joe :)

        Last edited 06/03/13 10:16 am

        It IS a character man!

    Not as good as his Diablo 3 Error 37 video. NSFW - http://youtu.be/GsqUZkmO-zk
    Still funny though.

    I was waiting for this.....
    I would say I told you so, Sad thing is I still feel like I missed out on what should of been an awesome game.

    I love this guy but he is really suffering for his art, dude needs to lose A LOT of weight or he is going to die reeeeeal soon.

      Francis or Boogie2988 is awesome but he has already lost 50 pounds and is on a diet. Talks about it on his channel especially about people saying you need to lose weight or you going to die, hears that alot and its really a Duh moment he says.

        If it's so 'Duh', then how come he hasn't lost more weight? Or gone on a diet sooner? Or why did he let himself get that big in the first place?

        That's pretty funny, acting like people are dumb for pointing out something obvious, but he's the one that's obese and let himself get that way. You get fat, you're at risk of a lot of things including death, DUH.

          If you watch his candid clips he does talk about his obesity, his family problems and how he got so fat to begin with and his struggle to lose weight.
          World's not so black and white man, don't be a douche.

            I was never being a douche so calm down, I was stating a fact in a concerned way. If someone says 'duh' to me when i'm not the one with the problem it pisses me off. Yes It's obvious he has to lose weight, but as I said before if it's sooooo obvious (like duh you guys) why hasn't he done anything about it?

            Like I said in my first comment: I love his stuff, it's a perfect skewering of that angry nerd stereotype and i find it pretty funny and support him doing that, but his weight is alarming and will almost certainly (or already) lead to problems for him, which would/will suck for him.

              He is doing something about it though. As for how he got fat in the first place, I haven't heard his particular story, but for some people it's not as simple as just being lazy or not exercising enough. Weight gain can be caused by a lot of things that are out of our control.

        I don't think that big bottle of mountain dew is helping his diet....

    Kind of funny but I just can't get over the T-Rex arms.

    As far as being in character and all that, I still find it kind of pathetic.

    Either way, EA fucked up. But we all knew they would...

    two things:
    - he bought a poster for $180?
    - he has children?

    The wonders of technology in the 21st century! Only thing that doesn't have a hitch is paying for 'Em - never a problem there :/

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