In Vegas, People Want To Shoot Guns From Video Games

When one goes to Vegas, one engages in many different activities — gambling, drinking — but another popular activity is shooting the crap out of multiple different guns in the desert. But according to the folks in charge of Machine Guns Vegas, the folks who come in to shoot guns are becoming increasingly influenced by video games when it comes to choosing which guns they should shoot.

In short: guns that feature in games like Call of Duty are usually the most popular.

“We thought it would be interesting to see what weapons were rented most often. I have to admit, the results were a little surprising,” said Machine Guns Vegas' managing partner Genghis Cohen.

“Maybe they shouldn’t be though. Many of the weapons that made the list include the high-firepower ones made popular by video games. They offer a bigger thrill than your usual handgun or machine gun,” he explained.

The most popular gun to fire was the M60, which featured in Black Ops. It's a gun so big it requires three people to operate. Other popular weapons were the M4 and and the M249 SAW, which features heavily in DayZ.


    Unless i can rent an exact copy of the Boss's patriot, i'm not going *pouts*

    This is probably true. I fired an M4 at The Gun Store while in Vegas, good times!..

    I've also heard from people who regularly attend these ranges that these people either A) FIre the weapon at the target and never hit it, not understanding how guns work while smiling like an idiot, or B) Injure themselves with the kickback of the weapon.

      C) Don't care about being awesome and knowing about guns, and are having fun.

    While I was in Vegas lastyear I went to The Gun Store to shoot off a few rounds of some of my favourite guns that i'd used in games (something you can't do here), they had a large que of people of all different sorts lining up to try out guns, couples, famalies, loners like me. I chose the WW2 package, which came with Tommy Gun, Sten, 1911, and the Modern Packager with the M9, M4 and M249. The highlight was shooting off the M249, going full auto for 3 seconds was one of the best experiences of my life :D Also, my weapons instructor was hot. good experience all round.

      They had a similar package at a range I went to in Hawaii, but I chose the Cx4 Storm/Colt Commando/AKM/MP5/M-14EBR Mod 0 package instead because I've always liked the M-14. Kinda regret not going back to squeeze off a few bursts with the Tommy M1A1. I hear it's surprisingly heavy for it's size. Was it?

    I did something similar with a mounted Browning M-2 at Pucka during my stint with the ADF. Beat the living shit out of this!

    I've fired hundreds of different guns, but nothing beats the feel of the D-eagle at the range on the gold coast, i was like a kid at christmas, couldnt stop smiling for hours after.

      They didn't have the ammo for the Desert Eagle while I was in Vegas :(

      Ooooooh yees! my friend had one and let me shoot at the range once. It's got comparable kick back to shooting a 12 gauge shotgun. I like to call it the "hand cannon"

    Hopefully this kind of thing gives people a sense of reality as compared to games and they come out the wiser and more mature for it. Then again, guns!

    Myself, PuppyLicks and BloodApathy are all guilty of this. We went to Vegas, went to a gun range, and fired some of our favourite guns from the games we play.

    And it was fucking awesome.

    Was in Vegas last year and went to a firing range to shoot some guns. Mighty fun finding the ones I've played in games.

    Got my hands on some of my favs like:
    Beowulf, P90, FNP-45, M9 and my absolute favourite, SCAR-L ^_^

    I shot a silenced Uzi in Nashville, that was really cool. :)

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