Internet Rallies Against Kickstarter For Nine-Year-Old Girl

When Susan Wilson of Stevensville, Maryland launched a Kickstarter campaign for $US829 to send her nine-year-old daughter Kenzie to role-playing game design camp last Thursday, she never expected donations to surpass $US20,000. She also didn't expect to be branded and scammer, a manipulator and a child abuser. The threats of violence were also a big surprise.

As the Kickstarter project, titled "9 Year Old Building an RPG to Prove Her Brothers Wrong!", soared far beyond its original goal, the internet community began to ask questions. Why does Susan Wilson, a "millionaire" who was once named one of Fortune's Most Powerful Female Entrepreneurs, need Kickstarter to raise $US829? Where is all of this extra money going? Why does a Kickstarter campaign for $US829 have a $US10,000 reward tier?

The arguments and accusations soon moved from the Kickstarter comments page to Reddit, NeoGAF and 4chan. These communities took to the internet to find dirt on Wilson, uncovering pictures of her with Warren Buffett, one of the most successful men in the world. They found her page on the website of The Judgment Group, which describes her selling to Kinkos, suggesting she had made millions squatting on the website. They suggested she had sold-out her sons, publicly humiliating them for financial gain. Over on Imgur there's a large image detailing her many transgressions.

I first came across Susan and Kenzie's Kickstarter last Friday, where it was tipped to me as a feel-good story of a young girl with an eye for game development looking to one-up her teasing older brothers. According to Susan Wilson, who I spoke to today via Skype, that's exactly how the project went down.

"Zack’s going to Europe on this student ambassador trip, and Chase is going to skateboarding camp. Kenzie wanted to make a video game, so I found a camp for her, and the boys are like ‘Mom, that’s a waste of money. Why are you sending her?’”

According to Susan, that was when nine-year-old Kenzie, with no real concept of money, offered to pay for the camp herself. She asked for help and her mother, no stranger to the world’s most popular crowd-funding website, suggested Kickstarter.

“That’s how it unfolded. The 'Support Girls in Tech' message was between her brothers and her. It was never intended to be this gender thing. It was literally two boys picking on their little sister, she stood up to them and it was game on — in a joking way. Even the boys were fine with it.”

Initial reaction to the project was positive. The Kickstarter went live on Thursday evening. When Kenzie woke up on Friday morning, she had already reached $US400 — half of her goal.

"(Kenzie) sat down and went through each of her emails. She had people from England and New Zealand and Australia backing her. She messaged them back and thanked them and was asking them questions," Susan told me. She felt like the coolest kid in the world. She left two inches taller, feeling like she could do anything.”

By the time Kenzie got home from school the goal had been reached, and she was happy.

"Then things got out of hand."

Over the weekend the project gained the attention of internet media outlets and major players in game development, and donations skyrocketed beyond the original goal. With no clear definition of where additional funds would be going, the Kickstarter community started calling foul.

First came claims that the Kickstarter violated the site's terms of service, funding not a project but a tuition, violating the "No "fund my life" projects rule. The projects opening image with its "support girls in tech" brought claims that it violated the no charity or cause rule.

I contacted Kickstarter regarding the validity of the project, and received the same response given any other media outlet that inquired: "Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. The goal of this project is to create a video game, which backers are offered for a $US10 pledge. On Kickstarter backers ultimately decide the validity and worthiness of a project by whether they decide to fund it."

So as far as Kickstarter is concerned, this is a project that is promising a role-playing game, to be delivered once the camp has completed.

Susan further confirmed Kickstarter's support of the project in an update, in which she posted an email sent to her from "John from Kickstarter."

hi Susan, This is John from kickstarter, we just wanted to get an email out to you with some quick thoughts. First of all - let me just say congratulations. This is an awesome project, and we love seeing such a positive outlook on creativity and ambition geared towards young people. You're a very cool mum for helping her out...

This led to internet investigators hunting for John from Kickstarter. Finding no John on the site's staff page, Susan Wilson was accused of impersonating a Kickstarter employee. It has since been verified that there is indeed a John working for Kickstarter. It's not clear if that's the same John as in the e-mail.

Then came claims that Susan is a cyber-squatter that made millions off selling Kinkos their own website.

"The story is that I'm a cyber-squatter that bought to sold the domain to Kinkos for $US100 million, which is so far from the truth it's ridiculous."

As Susan tells it, the affair sprouted from her first tech start-up, She raised $US12 million in venture capital to start up the company and had a deal with Kinkos to become the company's web presence. " became, we were going to take the dotcom public. In 2000 the bubble burst, and Kinkos fucked us royally. I learned that people will lie to your face, and learned that I would never raise venture capital again."

That's why Wilson is such a big fan of crowd-funding. Perhaps not so much now.

The accusations continue to fly. Here's Susan Wilson with Warren Buffett.

Susan tells me Warren Buffett is a personal hero of hers, so the chance to snap a photo with him at the aforementioned Most Powerful Female Entrepreneurs awards could not be passed up. She also mailed him a cape, and he sent her a thank you letter. She's a businesswoman and a Buffett fangirl. In her line of work, can't say I blame her.

Yes, she has purchased $US1,500 shoes. She said they were the splurge reward for a particularly lucky turn at the gambling tables. I say who cares if she bought $US1,500 shoes?

The most valid complaints about Susan and Kenzie's Kickstarter campaign are suggestions that Susan violated Kickstarter's anti-spamming rules. A quick glance at Susan's Twitter page shows that she did indeed tweet the living hell out of her daughter's campaign to celebrities, women's rights groups and just about anyone else she could get her Twitter hands on.

Does that violate Kickstarter rules? It might, but it speaks more of ignorance than malice — why would someone purposefully attempting to scam a system demonstrate such ignorance of that system? This is more akin of a girl scout's mother bringing a cookie order form into work. Susan Wilson is a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. Selling is in her blood. She's just oversold it a bit this time. She created

Yes, Susan Wilson has money. She told me she isn't quite the millionaire the internet makes her out to be — as an entrepreneur she takes money from one project and invests it in other projects — but she doesn't need our $US20,000.

"Sure, I could have paid for the camp myself," she told me. "God, I wish I had now." She put up a strong front during our interview, but here, discussing the overwhelming reaction and the threats to herself and her family, her voice cracked. "I've taken enough shots."

Susan's also been strong for her daughter, shielding Kenzie from the negativity surrounding her Kickstarter project as best as she could. "She's seen me cry once. I got a message saying 'I hope you die a lonely, cold death,' and that's when she saw me break down."

The Kickstarter still has 24 days to go, and Susan's under the impression that it has to stay up for the remainder of that time. "If I leave it up the bad stuff will keep happening, but if I stick with it over the next 30 days, maybe I can turn it around."

The trick is figuring out what to do with the money. Susan no longer wants to use it to pay for tuition for the RPG camp. She'll do that herself. Now she's looking for ideas on how to turn the raised funds into something positive, without violating Kickstarter's terms of service — no charity, no "fund-my-life". She's not sure how to do it, but she's open to suggestions. She's reached out to Reddit. She's reached out to 4chan.

She's wants to take this negative thing and turn it into a positive. Here's hoping the internet lets her take it in that direction.


    Kenzie, Zack and Chase? Oh dear.

      Likely Mackenzie, Zachary/Zacharia and Chase. Nothing wrong with those names?

      1 out of 3 ain't bad...

        Chase Crawford legitimises the name - GG fan in the house :P

      What? Chase might be semi-odd and even then Chase isn't that odd. The others are perfectly normal.

    Have her daughter create the game at camp, set up a way to distribute it digitally to all who have 'purchased' it. That way all costs and obligations from kickstarter are covered. Then, pass on the money to the camp to help set up scholarships for other kids to attend each time its run. Seriously, sometimes the people on the internet are assholes, telling a little kid to die? I'd love to meet the pieces of shit who said that.... would *love* to.

      YES. This is exactly what she should do if she wants to "turn it around".

      If she doesn't this, well... maybe the little cretins were onto something.

    Just cancel it!
    That way it all goes away, and eveyrone just says "atleast she didnt take peoples money".
    If she leaves it up, there will be no end.

    It was insane of her to have her daughter turn to kickstarter to fund tuition. She is a parent of adequite income (as far as she has said), she should have funded it herself or told her daughter "no".
    As a business person she is dumb as bricks.


      Lord British could have funded his too realistically... people still have the OPTION as to wether they back it.

    Yeah, these death threats and online muckraking are all her fault!


      That 9yr old deserves them death threats

      Before everyone downvotes re read the sentence and know that it's a joke But seriously

        Worst joke.

          Who said it was a joke?

            You did.
            Second line, last three words.

            read the sentence and know that it's a joke
            know that it's a joke
            it's a joke

            Anyway, I think the word you were looking for was sarcastic.

            Some shit head...

    Sooo... if you see a kickstarter by someone who doesn't really need the money, the Internet Solution is death threats. Charming. How about just refraining from backing the thing?

      "How about just refraining from backing the thing?"
      I think the problem is OTHER PEOPLE dared to back it, therefor death threats are totally deserved and not an insane overreaction AT ALL o.0

      While I disagree with death threats, boycotting the thing is no comfort for the 20 thousand dollars worth of backers already.

      It's funded, so unless this woman and little girl pull the project, or Kickstarter do, they've already won. They've got the money. If this had happened and they were only halfway to their goal, I'd say yeah, boycott, make sure they don't get funded. But at this point all anyone can do is harass them until they cave.

        But why harass them? They posted, people can support it or not. If someone else wants to give them $20k, why does that bother anyone else?

        What? Why? Why are you harassing people? Jesus get a life! Do you have nothing better to do than hate on people?

        They asked for less than $900, why did people continue to back it past that amount? People are upset that it's over backed?

        Tough frickin luck.


      The real crime here is that she's trying to be nice/productive! Which we know is a crime against the internetz! Now if she had started a KS like... "Break my X" she would be a hero!

    There's sort of this funny thing with Kickstarters in that often someone will be after a set amount of money and go well beyond their wildest dreams with no idea what the extra should go towards.

    Honestly the same happened with Anita Sarkeesian. She asks for $6k, gets tonnes more, the internet cries that her production is not worth $110k.

    It was an honest project and I think it just became bigger than was expected. I mean she failed a previous one only reaching <$500, how could she expect $20k? But I guess honest projects can only be done by beloved celebrities, companies with zero funding and the people that make those useless slim-design wallets.

      Yeah, I feel really bad for Anita. All she wanted was $6k to make a video and while I can appreciate that people feel shorted by what they got vs. what they invested, that's what they chose to invest in. They wanted to be a part of something, especially after Anita got all that hate mail.

      Unfortunately this project seems like an attempt to deliberately stir up the same controversy in the hopes of attaining a similar windfall.

        I disagree. Because something is similarly placed does not mean it's a deliberate attempt at attention. Would you really expect a big windfall with a $829 kickstarter?

          The whole point of kickstarter is to get attention for a project. She knew that people would back this because the subject of girls getting into game development has been a hot issue lately. Slap a picture of a young girl with high hopes at the top of a story about how her one dream is to make games then seed your pitch with a few key phrases to remind us how oppressed and underrepresented women are in the games industry.

          They could have asked for $5 for bus fare and gotten the same result, because they're not really selling a product (ostensibly the game the girl will make if/when she goes to camp), they're selling an ideal. Prove to everyone how open minded you are for only ten dollars. If you don't back this you just want to smash a little girl's dream, and you're a monster.

          The death threats are too far, but people on the internet are dicks. I got a death threat last week because I said I'd never watched Firefly. Maybe I should start a kickstarter so I can buy it on DVD.

          Last edited 27/03/13 1:58 pm

            Yup - you hit the nail on the head. She just Rick rolled them all.

            You better watch Firefly or sum large men are going to get you hahaha love firefly the movie sucks balls

        Don't forget though, much of the funding she received was in response to those douchebags starting the hate campaign against her. If anyone contributed to Anita's success, it was those hateful fucks and their actions proving her right. Her donors saw the need for educating these dickless morons after some of the vile stuff they posted.

          Which I have no issue with, believe me. I think Anita's project was, while not of any real interest to me, still worthwhile in general and she did not deserve to be abused - and this girl and her mother also do not deserve abuse.

          That doesn't mean the veracity of the project is immune to scrutiny.

            Absolutely, you've always got to scruitinise. But when srcuitany turns to "This is not $150's worth of Video!" and worse coupled with constant harassment (as happened here), that's where the Web Taliban is in dire need of a pimpslap.

              Web Taliban.... That's awesome.

                Not my term, but it seems to sum up the almost fundamentalist attitude and behaviour Anita's more fervent detractors have displayed.

      "She asks for $6k, gets tonnes more, the internet cries that her production is not worth $110k."
      The funny thing is it probably got so big because people railed so hard against it when it first appeared. Then after receiving all this media attention thanks to the negativity directed at it it got huge, so people decided to start getting angry about that. It seems pretty ridiculous to me, but at the same time kind of funny because the haters essentially forced it into being this big media spotlight thing.

        Anita's haters were their cause of their own defeat. Serves themselves right! :p

      "It was an honest project."

      There is nothing honest about feminism. Sarkeesian even went out of her way to make herself appear like a scammer. I'm surprised she eventually released a video (that any non-feminist YouTuber would have done for free in a fraction of the time).

        "There is nothing honest about feminism"

        You, Sir, are a fuckwit.

          There is some kind of Orwellian twist to everything they say and do, they are intellectually dishonest to an absurd degree, and their websites are political re-education camps moderated with an iron fist, because they know allowing any dissent would immediately unravel everything. No, they most certainly are not honest.

            You're seriously comparing feminism to fascism? You're delusional.

            I don't know what sick little corner of the internet your ideas have crawled from, but i certainly don't want to visit.

              I never mentioned fascism.

              My ideas come from listening and talking to feminists.

                How is an "Orwellian Twist" not a reference to fascism?

                Dude, do you even Orwell?

                  Do you even words? "Orwellian" doesn't necessarily imply fascism.

            You might want to lose the tinfoil. It's creeping everyone ou-
            My apologies, it wasn't the tinfoil.

              Tinfoil implies a conspiracy, and there is no conspiracy.

              It's bizarre how often conspiracies are brought up in these discussions, when I never so much as imply the existence of one.

                Tinfoil implies a conspiracy, and there is no conspiracy.


                "Orwellian" doesn't necessarily imply fascism
                Actually, it does.
                Both clearly invoke totalitarianism.

                Last edited 28/03/13 3:29 pm

                  Well go ahead and tell me all about the great feminist conspiracy that you believe exists.

                  "Both clearly invoke totalitarianism."

                  No, "orwellian" does not have to have anything to do with totalitarianism. And the only reason this inane conversation is occuring is because it's a red herring meant to draw attention away from the actual topic. The same could be said about nearly every reply I've received here.

        Holy shit! A caveman who can type!

          Feminism equals civilization now?

          Last edited 27/03/13 11:37 pm

            They're a hell of a lot more civilised than you.

              And what is that claim based on?

              Last edited 28/03/13 6:00 am


                  Well, okay then. Here we go. Attempt 2.

                  There used to live in the south west corner of Peru a hidden civilization with no contact with any of the outside world whatsoever. However, this civilization was not your ordinary civilization. No, in fact it was far from it. For this civilization was not populated by humans, but populated by anthropomorphic pieces of cheese. Two kinds of anthropomorphic pieces of cheese to be precise. Blue cheese and cheddar. Both kinds existed in relative harmony, respecting each other's space and doing other stuff that helps make a healthy society, etc.

                  But then, one fateful day, one of the anthropomorphic pieces of blue cheese (who we'll call Alan) ran into the city bringing wild accusations of a horde of anthropomorphic pieces of cheddar cheese ambushing him and trying to grate him. The anthropomorphic pieces of blue cheese responded to this with much outrage! How could the anthropomorphic pieces of cheddar do this? Are they not all like brothers to us? Unable to settle this dispute the high council of cheese decided it would be a whole lot easier for them to not try and settle it and let them duke it out for themselves.

                  So they went to war. The civilization was split into two, right down the middle. Many years the war went on, with many causalities on both sides. Ever so slowly the anthropomorphic pieces of blue cheese squashed out their former friends. Much distress was felt everywhere. There appeared to be no hope for the anthropomorphic pieces of cheddar, who were slowing losing the war.

                  But then one day a giant mouse fell from the sky and ate the entire civilization up.

                  The End.

                  Last edited 28/03/13 3:00 pm

                  In other words, you can't explain your assertion because, much like every other assertion made here about me, it is based on nothing.

    I don't buy the argument that the gender thing was never meant to be the focus. I think they saw the success of the Women vs. Tropes kickstarter and believed there was money to be made. The fact that the "project" is in violation of the Kickstarter terms and conditions is just some peculiar icing on a very, very questionable cake.

    Whether the internet judgement and criticsm of the campaign was accurate or not, they have a lot of work ahead to change people's minds. I certainly want no part of this, especially since the product I'd be backing is sending a little girl to summer camp. I'm not saying I don't want her to go to camp, I just don't see why this is important to anyone but her and her family.

    Last edited 27/03/13 1:34 pm

    Just close the project so everyone will shut up and since it is against Kickstarter"s guidelines it should of never been allowed to go live

    Why can't the Internet Boy Taliban get this shits on with people who really need an arsekicking, like that douche Richard Littlejohn-- Oh wait, that would require even a trace level of magnificence on their part, and all they know if rage and Call of Duty. Bunch of dicks.

      That was just mean, I had to go look up Richard Littlejohn, and unfortunately now I know who he is.

    I think she should cancel the Kickstarter - she shouldn't have made it to start with, and to put a 9-year-old under pressure to produce a game for backers is absurd. What if the kid tries it and decides she likes ponies or soccer or dinosaurs or any of the other things that kids love, and gives it up?

    I feel like the internet has reacted angrier than it should have, but I feel that way a lot of the time, and I'm almost convinced that extremism has become a near-unavoidable part of internet culture.

    I don't know. Bad moves all around, I think.

    Pretty sure she can cancel it.

    No doubt she is a scammer.

    She should cancel the funding.

    no “fund-my-life” : That one was violated the instant she took money for the kickstarter to 'send her daughter to camp'.

      I think they got around that one because she makes a game at the camp she can then go on to sell. I.e a product is produced from the kickstarter funding. I dont agree either dude but now we see how people can defraud kickstarter...

      Technically, is it that much different to "I need funding to go to China to produce these electronic gadgets"?

      The product you are funding is a game. The camp is a production cost.

    I don't agree with everything that was said, but this was a very well researched and even-handed article. If nothing else, I feel that all available evidence has been brought to bear. The real proof will be what Wilson decides to do with that money and whether it is in the spirit of the original Kickstarter goal. It seems the Kickstarter terms and conditions are more of an obstacle than the myriad threats of violence. Who is in charge of moderating Kickstarter comments, anyway? Nasty stuff.

    I think she should use it to fund her daughter to the camp and set up a scholarship that funds children and young adults into game design programs. Shouldn't be too hard for a venture capitalist to figure that one out, should it? If the scholarship is merit-based, it could avoid being called a charity/cause.

    “Zack’s going to Europe on this student ambassador trip, and Chase is going to skateboarding camp. Kenzie wanted to make a video game, so I found a camp for her, and the boys are like ‘Mom, that’s a waste of money. Why are you sending her?’”

    That part there is just fucking stupid, Fair enough With the student ambassador trip, but shes sending one of her sons to fucking skateboarding camp and yet listens to her sons when they say a game design camp is a waste of money? even after her daughter was so intent on going she wanted to pay for it herself somehow? (clearly showing some sort of passion for it)

    I just want to focus on something else I noticed in this article, just for a moment...

    "The ‘Support Girls in Tech’ message was between her brothers and her. It was never intended to be this gender thing. It was literally two boys picking on their little sister, she stood up to them and it was game on — in a joking way. Even the boys were fine with it.”

    She does realise that by labeling it "Support Girls in Tech" she automatically turned this into "a gender thing" and that encouraging "two boys picking on their sister" (regardless of whether or not she and her brothers are "fine with it") is also encouraging a "gender thing". Hell, the fact they even picked on her in the first place made it a gender thing. Why couldn't it have been "Support Kids in Tech" or something along those lines, if it wasn't about gender?

    Can someone start a Kickstarter for me? I want to do a Kickstarter where we raise ten billion dollars to beautify the Bronx by building the worlds tallest building there and giving contributors rewards like a share of ownership (for every hundred dollars contributed) in the worlds tallest computer gaming center where you can wander through the building playing a first person shooter, or Lifetime free access to the observation deck (for the most contributed).

    Can we change the title of the article please? It sounds sort of 'noble' and unifying. How about... 'internet bullies hound nine year old and her mum with death threats over their kickstarter'?

    As much as I do not condone people posting hateful and spiteful comments on things, this is the internet. I feel as though everyone in this comment section has never been on a youtube video or even briefly glanced at 4chan. Horrible yes, but the harsh reality is, is that these are the comments that are on pretty much any comment section across the itnernet. People need to be a bit more thick skinned I think. 'Oh no, this thirteen year old boy I've never met, and has nothing to do with me, doesn't like me and called me a bad word', seriously, grow up.

    OT: Article was definitely very well written, and I'm glad this was brought up without putting bias into either parties, so, well written Mike.

    I personally think this should never have been allowed on Kickstarter in the first place, as, although it seems like there were good intentions to begin with, it violates the sites major rules, and was definitely not thought through in regards to excess profits. She can probably still donate to charity, obviously kickstarter rules mean jack all. So here's hoping something good comes of that.

      Nope, sorry. I'm aware of what the Internet is capable of and I'm sure the majority of us HAVE been to YouTube, 4chan and other cesspools of questionable intelligence. Telling the victim of those comments to be a bit more "thick skinned" and to "grow up" is NOT the solution. I don't know what world you live in but, in my world, it is never okay to issue a child or her mother death threats - ESPECIALLY over something trivial like a Kickstarter. The Internet does not make you exempt from being a decent human being.

      No matter how worthless or invalid that Kickstarter may be. Deliberately choosing to be a vile, nasty little troll that wishes harmful things on others should NEVER be acceptable or something that others should just have to tolerate. Yes, it's a reality that people can be heartless, cold and cruel but that doesn't mean it's okay for us to just accept that as status quo. Get out of here with that kind of bullshit.

      Last edited 27/03/13 2:55 pm

        As someone who plays a lot of online games, I too have been told to 'kill myself', etc. I have not once in the many years of being on the receiving end of this behaviour, once sat down and cried about it, nor had it affect my life. I agree that it is disguisting behaviour, and no I don't think it's acceptable.

        I was pointing out that as an adult, and someone living in an age where this is the norm for sites that allow free speach, she should probably be a bit more thick skinned about it. I never said that she deserves it, or that I'm behind people acting like that.

        Lastly, I don't see why you, yourself, are taking this so much to heart, my original post was not at all directed at you, nor did I have you in mind when writing that. As someone who is so seemingly against aggression, you come across as a very aggressive person yourself.

          I think the point to take away is that it is never ok to abuse, harass or threaten people online. While there is a reality that people will do these things, we should never acquiesce to the mentality that "it's going to happen anyway so just deal with it".

          That said, that doesn't mean that the victims of abuse are always in the right. I still believe this Kickstart is a scam at worse, poorly-thought-out at best, and should be cancelled.

          Unfortunately the death threats will just martyr the cause and probably double the eventual proceeds. Hell, I've seen people on tumblr construct death threats against themselves just so they can reblog them and appear to be victimised because they love the attention and all the outpouring of sympathy they get makes them feel good about themselves. Some even have the audacity to ask for donations to their paypal so they can buy cool shit online.

            Actually it is a case of "it's going to happen anyway so just deal with it". It just happens and people need to accept that as a fact of life.

    The trick is figuring out what to do with the money. Susan no longer wants to use it to pay for tuition for the RPG camp. She’ll do that herself. Now she’s looking for ideas on how to turn the raised funds into something positive, without violating Kickstarter’s terms of service — no charity, no “fund-my-life”. She’s not sure how to do it, but she’s open to suggestions. She’s reached out to Reddit. She’s reached out to 4chan.
    This is a dangerous road to go down. It more or less amounts to bait and switch if she decides to use the money given to her for the purposes of getting her daughter to camp and programming her first game for an entirely different thing.

    I'm also on the scam side, but the death threats are never cool.

    I don't understand why she is happy to send her boys on trips and camps, but when her daughter gets an interest in something, she listens to her sons? Doesn't really seem like a fair household, the boys get things handed to them, but the daughter has to 'struggle'.

    Who cares if the boys think it's a waste of money, skateboarding camp could be considered a waste of money.

    Honestly, why did this "need" to go to kickstarter? Cancel the project and walk away.

      Yeah this seems like something which could be settled with a Facebook poll or a "if this gets 1000 likes I'll send my daughter to camp" blablabla.

      Kickstarter is for people who actually need the money, not a press event between siblings.

      It doesn't add up because she just needed a narrative.

    The internet is really its own worst enemy. The Greater Internet Dickwad theory in action, every time, no matter what people on the internet are trying to do, right or wrong, they end up being total dickwads.

    Kickstarter ToS

    "no fund my life" projects
    "no charity"

    Ok she does deserve all the hate. In the About Me part. "My favorite PS3 game right now is Dragon Age II."

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