Is Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel The Most 'Bro' Game Ever?

In terms of 'bro' games, I’d thought I’d seen it all. I thought gaming had hit peak bro: the point at which bros could bro no further. I thought we’d fist-bumped, roadie ran and keg-stood our way to humanity's limit. Well, I was wrong.

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel is quite possibly the most bro game I've ever played. Incidentally, what I played of it was not terribly good. Above is a small sample of the game in peak bro form. Judge for yourself, bro.


    Still they couldn't fix the shooting and rigidness of characters, even after 2 games, should sell this IP to someone else who can make a good 3rd person shooter. Good IP that failed to reach its potential.

    I'm not interested in the game but I was happy to see it on the shelf with an R18+ rating... in Brisbane. Or maybe it was the coming soon section.

    I still find it amusing that I'm now considered an Adult. I'm 32.

    I don't understand. This looks no more "bro" than Gears of War, or any other game with two male allied-by-choice protagonists.
    Is it because you are rewarded for playing with another person "Partners Kill +10"? That's a somewhat weak argument.

      If its anything like the first one, you actually used to brofist and high five to swap guns or ammo, i think you could even chest bump each other...

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