Bro Fist Simulator Reveals The True Pain Of Being A Bro

Bro Fist Simulator Reveals The True Pain Of Being A Bro

This is Bro Fist Simulator, a game about the subtle art of the bro fist. Just remember: always close your fingers on contact. Bro Fist Simulator is a Steam Greenlight game that was developed as part of last weekend's Global Game Jam. It's pretty straightforward:

Bro Fist Simulator is here! You have one button for each finger on your bro fist. Collect points by making different type of hand signs with your bro fingers. But be careful! If your fingers aren't closed to a fist when fist bumping the other bro, they will snap off!

Story of my life. It ain't easy being a bro, bro.

The game looks like this:

The full Steam version will apparently have new moves, bro achievements and wrist bling. I hope I can finally do my wrist proper justice in a video game. This is long goddamn overdue.

You can play a demo version of Bro Fist Simulator right now. Play it with your bros. And always remember: when you bludgeon your bro's finger clean off his/her stump of a hand, the most bro thing you can do is make a sincere effort to apologise.


    Hmmm... I should make a ménage à trois game called, "No touching swords"

    Do we get PewDiePie certificate if the end result is victorious?

    Hahaha that's a very clever game. I like it.

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