It’s Football, But Futuristic, Turn-Based And Played By Robots

It’s Football, But Futuristic, Turn-Based And Played By Robots

In 2011, indie developer Mode 7 Games released a turn-based strategy game called Frozen Synapse. It was pretty good. Now they’re following that up with Frozen Endzone, which is “futuristic, highly stylised, exaggerated NFL football” according to PC Gamer.

You control five robots, but here’s where it gets interesting: you both move at once, with the intent of anticipating what the other team will do before you get to see it. Aside from what little you can see in the trailer above, we know that there will be a team coach with a story.

Your robots will also have stats like speed, strength, elusiveness, catching radius along with armour. But it’s not like they’re cold, detached robots — it’s possible we’ll see a robust facial expression editor. The terrain will be randomly generated, which will keep things interesting and you can expect matches to be about five minutes long each. And naturally, there’s multiplayer.

More detailed information can be found in PC Gamer’s interview with the developers, so make sure to check that out. If Frozen Endzone is of interest, make sure to vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

[via PC Gamer]


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