Man Accidentally Bumps Dude Playing Video Game, Leads To Slashing

Tokyo seems super safe. For the most part, it is. But be careful, there are some dangerous folks out there: NHK is reporting that this week in Tokyo, a 39-year-old man accidentally bumped the arm of a fellow portable game-playing passenger while riding the Sobu train line.

That escalated into an argument, and when the man got off the train at Kinshichō Station in Tokyo, he was slashed in the back by the passenger, who apparently wielded some kind of small blade. The injury, thankfully, was not serious.

The report didn't specify what kind of portable game or device the man was playing, other than calling it a "portable type game".

Police are now checking security camera footage in hopes of catching the suspect.

Remember, video games don't make you violent. Being a violent person does.

切りつけ 携帯ゲームから口論 [NHK]


    first game that came in mind was METAL GEAR RISING! SLLLLAAAAASSSSHHHHHH!!!!

      That was my first thought. Obviously wasn't using blade mode

    Wow, I thought they would have just bowed and said sorry, like on King of the Hill.

    Is it racist to think that all Japanese have good manners?

      It would be the same as them assuming that all Aussies drive v8s and drink vb. racist wouldn't be the right word for it

        What you mean you don't?

      I don't think it is that racist, but they do have different kind of manners to Australians, for example they don't hold the door open for people behind then and women don't get much special treatment. Overall, they are polite, but it also really depends on what area you are in.

    I... yes, racist is the right word for it.

    @runredrabbit and you need to get that pole out of your ass and learn to have a laugh. you must be real fun at parties...

      Dude its not a pole.... Its just not being a chump...

      Last edited 05/03/13 7:49 pm

    A drunk salaryman tried to fight me and about eight friends for talking on a train in Tokyo. He even followed us off the train and tried to pull my mate down the stairs. The same night the police politely asked us not to shoot fireworks at the block of flats we were partying next to.

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