Here's A Portable Wii, Playing Mario, Mega Man And Zelda

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While everyone waits for Virtual Console games to come over to the Switch, there's still plenty of classic Wii games to enjoy. So after having a first crack, one user has returned to create their perfect, portable Wii.

Jackson Snowden created a portable version of a Wii last year, but he's been working on a revision over the last few months. As posted on BitBuilt, his portable Wii uses infrared LEDs for a sensor bar, joysticks from the 3DS, buttons from the DS Lite and a full size USB port for "whatever".

Oh, and there's three controllers built in: an original Classic controller, an original GameCube controller and a PIC microcontroller to convert inputs from the 3DS joysticks.

Image: Jackson Snowden/BitBuilt Forums

Image: Jackson Snowden/BitBuilt Forums

You can see the whole unit in action below, playing Paper Mario, Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Twilight Princess, Mega Man X and more. The unit's final dimensions are 178 x 96 x 30mm, and according to Snowden you can plug it into a TV and "it basically becomes a regular Wii console with batteries".

What a champion. In case you're wondering, the games are stored on an internal flash drive that can be accessed via mini-USB. The internal screen runs off HDMI as well, with no ancient component cables required.


    Just make the games work on the Switch and I'll get them again. Anytime I go to make myself a handheld retro console I just look at my Switch and wish it was able to do it.

    I'm sure it's only a matter of time until someone hacks the Switch and enables you to play any downloaded retro ROM.

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