Off Topic: Post Your Favourite YouTube Clip

I've spent a long time looking at a blank page. 'My favourite YouTube clip'. What is it? What could it be? There are so many classics, so many amazing moments — how do I choose one?

For a while I thought about posting something funny, something poking fun at another person's misfortune — this is the internet after all. But then I remembered the above video. Every now and then, I'll watch this from start to finish. I can't help myself. And by the end? I cry errytime!

I don't really understand why. It's probably just manipulation! It's music, the timing, the editing. Or it could be the Zinedine Zidane is and always will be my favourite footballer of all time.

One of the above I guess.


    Dead Fantasy. Dead or Alive characters vs Final Fantasy characters in an epic battle

      I'm really looking forwards to his new series, RWBY.

        Just watched the trailer. Best thing I have seen on youtube on years.

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    I love any clip that recuts footage of a tv show or movie into a parody of itself - this is one of the best from a couple of Perth guys

    This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Anyone easily offended don't watch.

      Yeah, this video is actually from a comedy sketch show, so its actually fake....

        See above.

        Edit: But thank you for trying to crush my dreams anyway.

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    Swedish Chef in Popcorn (Turn on subtitles for extra added awesome) - Nicholas Cage beats women

    My favourite song at the moment.

    An oldie but a goodie.

    Women - Know Your Limits.

      I was expecting screaming goat. :'(

    Sad jimu can't access youtube at work...jimu is a sad jimu :(

    You free for 10 mins @dc ?

      D: Ominous! Haha!

        Would you mind throwing up a link to College Saga for me?

    I think the Remarkable Journey of Higgins von Higgings sums up everything awesome ever.

    I always laugh when i watch this...

    This is the only video I've ever Favourited (other than another two that belonged to friends, which I just did as a form of bookmarking), so technically that would make it my most favourite youtube video. Though I hardly use the thing any more.

    Saturday Morning Watchmen:

    Just another precious that I used to know...

    I really like this one for it's production quality:
    ...but I can't link that, without linking the ORIGINAL:

    Whichever one you choose, they are both A MUST FOR GUITARISTS!

    There is no question about it....

    WARNING: AUDIO NSFW (video is kid friendly however)

    Also, you need sound.... so grab the headphones!

    Too many choices, whether it be golden-eagle-drags-goats-off-cliff, BRODYQUEST or Michael Bay eating a bowl of cereal.

    But I think I have to decide on this beautiful piece of art cinema: Boy Friends: Episode 10

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    Lando Calrissians world of exotic massage.

    Frame by frame in photoshop. Colourised Doctor Who!

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