One Of The First To Get A Pair Of Google's Crazy Glasses Is... Cliff Bleszinski

Former Epic designer Cliff Bleszinski (not pictured) has been selected by an "independent panel" to be one of the first 8000 people in the world to get a pair of Google's potentially pioneering/ridiculous wearable computers, Google Glass.

In order to be selected as one of the earliest recipients of the tech, participants in a competition had to tweet what they'd do with the glasses if they got a pair. Bleszinski's offer, tracked down as part of research by Stanford computer science student Andrej Karpathy, was to "...take my pair on a Zero Gravity flight and record it in order to share the experience with the world. I'd also shower."

While he was likely picked due to his Twitter influence — many other "winners" were celebrities, and Bleszinski has over 187,000 followers — there's always a chance the panel just wanted to get a look in the shower at where the "Dude Huge" nickname really came from.

Google Glass #ifihadglass Winners [Andrej Karpathywas, via The Verge]

@therealcliffyb [Twitter]


    Plunkett's missing a very important detail, that also confused a lot of people on Twitter. You don't actually get a free Google Glass, so spare us your incredulity Plunkett. You justify how you'd use Glass to be in the first run of people to pay $1500 for one. That's why hardly any normals signed up for it and a disproportionately large number of winners are celebrities, rich people and industry leaders. They're also selected by trade, so 'creatives' can show off how they'd use Glass and promote the product.

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