Another Sneak Peek At Cliff Bleszinski's New Project

Another Sneak Peek at Cliff Bleszinski's New Project

According to former Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski, "here's another closely cropped image of something I'm working on." That's right, Cliff Bleszinski is doing NBA 2K15. Kidding!

The previous image Bleszinski showed was dry and dusty, and there was someone, perhaps a soldier, holding a gun. His latest image is sporty. So sporty.

For both images, Bleszinski was careful to note that these were "cropped".

No doubt that means when he pulls back and reveals the full image, which could use a totally different artistic style, we will all know the truth: Cliff Bleszinski is developing an anime dating game and that these are just red herrings. Fingers crossed!

something I'm working on [@therealcliffyb via Polygon via VG247]


    The leg on the left side of the screen is a prosthetic it looks like, maybe his new game has to do with the after effects of a soldier wounded in war. Dealing with life, nightmares of war and handling day to day back in society

      everyone seems to have the prosthetic legs. It's a world where we're all part cyborg

        Or at least one where sports get played with rocket legs.

          rocket jumping. It's a game about Quake and Unreal Tournament

    Perhaps it's about a dystopian future in which humanity has altered itself genetically to be bigger, faster stronger. The first picture is of the real world, this picture of a snippet of a billboard depicting gigantic basketball players altered by technology. Y'know, the kind of billboard you see in the as you're wandering about the post apocalyptic world that gives you a hint of what the world was like before crap hit the fans.

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