Here's A Sneak Peek At Cliff Bleszinski's New Project

Here's A Sneak Peek at Cliff Bleszinski's New Project

On his official Twitter, legendary game designer Cliff Bleszinski shared a cropped screenshot of "something [he's] working on." So mysterious. Any thoughts?

Here's A Sneak Peek at Cliff Bleszinski's New Project


    Cogs of Battle - The Rubber Ducky Assault.

    "legendary"? that's a bit much. maybe "known".

    it's probably a prequel to gears judgment. a prequel to a prequel.

      Exactly! the first gears game was a change, but after that all his games were so similar. He is over-hyped

    Tetris remake, with a totally awesome yet unrelated intro cut scene

    Gears in the Halo of Destiny... Wars...

    Just the other day he suggested on twitter that someone reboot Toobin'.

    I see a river.


    Bazooka Bass Fishing Adventure, with a twist of Sci-Fi

    Whats with all the strange layers past the bridge...?

    Transparency effects gone wrong?? is this what a 'legendary' programmer produces?!?!

      You reckon he'd publish that?

      Floating rocks. Why? That's how CliffyB do.

      More to the point, this is what passes for publicity these days? If this were a mod, we wouldn't see this until 3 years time. Ah, the internet hype machine...

        Oh right! Floating rocks!... I never would have guessed that actually...and I stared at the pic for AGES trying to work out what was so fantastic about it

    Cliffy B's Achievement in Achievement City: Achievement Edition. Starring Phil Fish.

    Three Guesses -

    1 - it looks future-y. The building, the guard - looks like it takes place in the future
    2. Guard has a gun. You will probably have a gun. You will probably have to shoot that guard with your gun.
    3. Maybe an open world game.

    I'm guessing it will be called something generic like: DarkArena - 3055! Or maybe TechAssault: Origins. Something vapid and generic, no doubt. Also, the boxart will have an image of a grimacing man, holding a future gun in one hand and in the other, either a dagger or a mysterious artefact that will be important in the story somehow later on.

    He should remake Jazz Jackrabbit, i loved that game.

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