There Are A Lot Of Filthy Words Written In Simlish In The Sims Freeplay

The Simlish alphabet has been translated before, but The Sims Freeplay, the game's mobile edition, appears to use a different one. Redditor Bump424 this morning published what figures to be the game's Rosetta Stone, and found some wirty-dords hidden in the signs.

A sign that appears to be a calendar instead says "Multiplication F**k You" in Simlish. A diploma says "Certifica Name Blah Suck S**t D**k C**t Sensa. "S**t" was written sideways on a hairstylist's sign. Probably my favourite is the dojo flag above, which features a fist, the yin-yang symbol, and "F**k Mike Bensa" written backward. Poor Mike Bensa!

There are tons of other non-potty mouth words Bump424 translated ("Lap Time" and "Blanko" appear above a train station clock, proof that even when using a fake alphabet no one can read, you can't use real brand names without permission.) For more, hit the Imgur gallery at the link.

Simlish Translation in The Sims Freeplay [imgur via Reddit.]


    Well, some environment artist isn't going to be getting work in the games industry again.


      Probably just some email "Hey guys, company policy blah don't put hilarious easter eggs in K?"

        No, this is a much bigger deal than that.

        If they didn't catch this quickly and patch it out, something that's going to be fairly time consuming (and thereby expensive) given its going to mean reworking a lot of art, then there'd be legal problems like there were with the Hot Coffee fiasco because the game won't have a sufficiently high classification. That means the game being pulled from the shelves until it's been reclassified with an M rating (again very expensive) and opportunistic people looking to start class action suits.

        The minute the EA management caught a whiff of this, the person responsible would have be dragged out of the office by hired goons. If they decided to be lenient and not toss him into the nearest body of water wearing concrete shoes, no other studio is going to want to give him the time of day, much less offer him work.

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