This Is Literally The Greatest Table I've Seen In My Life

Their flyer says "Geek Chic: Hell Yes, We Make The Gaming Tables". That says it all really. I don't know what to add. The above table is one of the coolest things ever: it's a handcraft built table with precisely designed games space of some kind. If you happen to have $12,000-$18,000 lying around, you can buy it.

Of course, that figure is insane. You could buy a car for that price... in Australia, but the detail on this thing is truly something else. The closer in you go, the more you realised just how much work had gone into building this thing. And I thought, yes, this is expensive — but sweet Jesus people have put a lot of work into this. Supremely talented people. I think they deserve to have that talent and hard work rewarded in kind.

It has a water feature people, a water feature.

Actually the Geek Chic booth was one of my early favourites at PAX East — all the staff were dressed up as prohibition era gangsters or something, I don't know! It should have been lame, but it really wasn't. You can check out their furniture at this website

Very cool.


    I thought this was a board game XD

      To clarify, if you check the website it's just the table. No game pieces included, these are just a mockup.

    thats ok, I would still buy it.

    kind of like how the toys of old never used to come with batteries

    There's an Australian company that makes deluxe gaming tables here:

    - although with less features, and a much cheaper price! I saw one at a convention a few years ago.

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