Two Great Comics Creators Let You Pay What You Want For Their New Series

You might be among the legions of readers who loved Brian K. Vaughn's classic Vertigo series Y The Last Man or are currently enjoying his excellent Saga series from Image. And you might know that he and Marcos Martin did an excellent Doctor Strange mini-series a few years back.

Martin's done incredible artwork on projects like Batgirl: Year One and has been the artist for Amazing Spider-Man for a little while now.

These are two guys who can pretty much write their own tickets. So it's incredibly cool that they're debuting their newest work in a name-your-own-price, no-DRM download.

The Private Eye is a glimpse at a dystopian future filled with journalist policemen and masked citizens where people obsessively hide information about themselves. It's a clever funky-looking extrapolation what it might look like if the current internet culture folded in on itself. It's great and you don't need to break the bank to buy it. So you've got no excuse for not reading the how new thing from two of comics' shiniest talents. Go get it.


    How could you possibly post an article like this with no link? Got me all geared up for some new BkV and left me hanging!

      Agreed, learn2article.

        Same thing, done right.

    PS: Everyone, Brian K Vaughn is awesome and you should read all his comics.
    Ex MAchina
    Y The Last Man


      Im yet to get any Saga, i cant stand the wait for the next issues, so i tend to wait till there is a good chunk of them released before diving in. but loved Y the last man (Thanks to @aegis for getting me into it).

        Saga's my favourite of his so far, followed by Ex Machina. Ex Machina was a funny one, I was reading it, thought it was OK, but it wasn't until I read the ending that it all fell into place and rose above most of the pap available. So good! :)

          friggin loving saga, but DNR's right - the wait sux0rs. Must check out Ex Machina now, thanks :)

      Agreed, Vaughan is awesome. Also be sure to check out Runaways. Its a great series too, which was even helmed by Joss Whedon for a stint :)

    Sweeeeeet! Got sucked in by the first issue of "Transmetropolitan", and always keen to check out something a little off-beat like that. Demo for free? Love it!

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