Game Developers Need To Stop Letting Teenagers Design Their Characters

Game Developers Need To Stop Letting Teenagers Design Their Characters

This is the newest trailer for Dragon’s Crown, the Vanillaware-developed game that will be out this year for PS3 and Vita. It features the sorceress, one character from the game.

As you can see, the sorceress was designed by a 14-year-old boy. Perhaps game development studios should stop hiring teenagers? At least they’re cheap, I guess.


  • I’m sure it’s supposed to be a joke and not a game to be taken seriously. I’m sure the developers had a laugh making it.

      • Using the term “feminazis” makes you sound like Rush Limbaugh. The last thing that anyone should ever want to sound like is Rush Limbaugh.
        Also, it’s grossly ahistorical (feminists were targeted by the Nazi party, and are diametrically opposed politically), and pretty offensive, knock it off tree_lord.

  • Srs ?? Pretty sure they’re a Japanese dev, that by the looks, draws inspiration heavily from manga, which is immensely popular over there. Whats the deal with all the rampant political correctness gaming sites have been pushing of late.

    • Yeah. Who cares? It’s just americans being super controlling. It’s a game. It doesn’t have to look realistic.

  • I agree, this is a goddamn travesty.

    That ‘hat’ is nothing more than a crude circle, totally unrealistic. Where is the brim flopping?

    • All the GPU power was director towards jiggle physics, there was no processing power left for brim flopping

  • Wow. This is just totally unrealistic and it cheapens women everywhere. I mean, just look at the size of her hat! Those devs have gone too far!

  • A Japanese developer made an overly buxom character? forgive me for not being surprised or really caring at all. It wasn’t designed by a teenager, it was designed to appeal to teenagers, there is a difference. Sad reality is that a lot of Jap developers see it as risky not to have some form of overt fanservice in their games.

      • “A game on many people’s must have list, a fact the author seems *very aware of* too :(”

        There fixed it for you! It’s a standard drama laced/white knight blurb (an article would actually require more thought and more than 1 paragraph) designed to get hits. And it usually succeeds as can be seen by the responses xD

  • i think the problem is that they AREN’T getting 14 year olds to design characters, then we’d have robotic mecha bear characters that shoot dinosaurs from the gigantic cannons that cover their bodies

  • 0.46 – 0.47 The sorceress isn’t the only female with an excessively over proportioned physical attribute in the game…

    • Yeah, godamn, I just logged in to comment on that. Like… guys. You’re complaining about the sorceress? At least she has CLOTHES. I’m pretty sure that barbarian-looking chick with the wobbling rear is wearing little more than maybe 50cm of string.

  • No more sexy! From now on, every female portrayed in fiction must wear a button up shirt and loose pants. All males are required to be slightly overweight, unshaven and lack confidence. Time to show these smut peddlers that video games arent about enjoyment, they are about respecting the cultural sensitivities of loud minorities.
    Down with fun!

  • I’m not going to say the tits aren’t a bit ridiculous (though the hat is even more so) but Jason Schreier is a bit of a tool here. What’s his agenda?

  • I’d normally be in favour of topics like this. But for this game it’s different. The character designs for this game (as well as the past games) are highly exaggerated on purpose. Even the male characters are bulging in their muscles.

  • Hey pro tip Dragons Crown was made in Japan where they don’t have to pander to groups and can make a game with characters looking however they wan’t them to look.

    You don’t have to feel bad for having Dick just because feminazis say so.

    • Japan doesn’t have to ‘pander to groups’ because it’s an extremely sexist and male-dominated society. So perfect for Kotaku commenters I suppose.

      • I like how your jab at Kotaku commentors directly implies an entire nation’s population is horrible. And all over a drawn picture of large breasts. Pat yourself on the back hun, you’ve absolutely got the indignant highground here… yep.

  • OMG! How dare a GAME involve someone with an unrealistic body size… It’s almost like this is a fantasy game done in a comical style by a culture that is not overly restricted like the USA…. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!

    Seriously though, who cares? It’s a game. Stop trying to turn every curve on a woman’s body into a freaking body image feminist PC article.

  • Apart from her waist being too thin I dont see anything unrealistic about her body size. Girls with big boobs and hips DO exist (thank the lord).

    • True this. I’ve seen breasts that size personally (obviously not attached to such a lithe figure, but cosmetic surgery can do that; surely sorcery can too.) But hey, big-breasted girls of the world, you better tie those down and cover up under seven layers! Your ‘design’ is a misshapen fantasy of a horny teenager and a slap to the face of averagely-endowed women. Just by existing, you validate the objectification of all women, apparently!

  • Schreier must have gotten a chub from the trailer and felt guilty. It’s the only explanation for being such a pretentious prat….

  • “As you can see, the sorceress was designed by a 14-year-old boy”

    I watched that video 3 times, and i did not see any such thing as a 14 year old boy designing the sorceress character, all i saw was some game play of the sorceress character.

  • progressivism knows no limits. i for one am most interested in the sorceress and the amazon. i guess that makes me immature

  • Really?

    This is getting fucking ridiculous. I genuinely used to like Kotaku but over the last year they’ve tried to turn themselves into the video games industry high-horse. And it’s despicable, it really is. Because they aren’t bringing us new points of view (Patricia came close with her LGBT stories but then oversaturated the topic), they’re irresponsibly pointing the finger at EVERYTHING with no filter. There’s barely a distinction between parody and reality, at least none that have ever given me faith that anyone at Kotaku can tell the difference. I mean according to Kotaku, sex has no place in video games unless it’s wholesome and you better make sure you’re as afraid of anti-gun lobbyists as they are if you’re going to put those filthy things in Bioshock Infinite. To me, this kind of reporting is damaging to Kotaku’s credibility. TO ME, I now identify Kotaku with a witch hunt. Only going after everyone who fits their vitriolic view of prejudice to somehow maintain their self-imposed position of moral crusader. I find little consistency in their view besides the fact that it doesn’t matter who they accuse of being sexist, racist or male. It doesn’t even seem to matter if they’ve done anything wrong. If they haven’t, we can be sure Kotaku will try to convince us they have.

    Who am I kidding? Kotaku doesn’t care what their long-time readers think. I don’t even know why i bother. Sexism is an awful affliction on any industry and i’m well-aware that it exists and even thrives today but the ends don’t justify the means. Carry yourself with some fucking dignity Kotaku instead of salivating every time you see a breast or guns and think “Alright guys, new target.”

    I shudder to think what Kotaku thinks of every other industry. Imagine if the Kotaku Koalition set their sights on Tarantino: disaster. (I don’t believe Kotaku cares or perhaps even capable of understanding the different ways and depictions of sex and violence can positively impact stories and experiences)

    • Of course they don’t care, why would the US staff give a dick about their reposted stories?
      The AU staff care though.
      They’re the best.

    • Kotaku US tends to feel more like a sensationalist tabloid rather than a place for genuine news and editorials. I’ve heard people blame Gawker for this position, as their other sites also tend to exploit their audience and post share/click-bait to generate the most amount of hits, rather than focus on producing a higher quality of content.

      Not to say that everything they post is frustrating, ther’s definitely some good content on there by the US team, but then that tends to get pushed aside by the more sensationalist reports and the blatant trend-surfing that comes up.

  • I have the good sense to enjoy this as a “tacky eye candy” character design and treat the women in my life with respect simultaneously.

    It is a bit hilarious but I gotta say superbly animated!!

  • Ok i’m replying to a post 3 days after with a 1% chance of anybody ever reading it and a .05% chance whoever does read it actually caring, but anyway:

    Yeah its cool that you want to fight for games to be less exploitive when it comes to women, i agree that we shouldn’t have to focus on girls big boobs to sell a game, but to make an example of Dragons Crown is totally unfair because the character is representative of the overall art style of the game.
    And no, the art style for the game is not BIG TITS, the style is EXAGGERTATION. Look at the other characters, the knight’s shoulders and arms are 3 time more broad than any normal human beings. The dwarf is more wide than he is tall. The Barbarian girls legs are giant powerhouse tree-trunks. So yes, the sorceress has giant boobs, but she is the only character who features them and if you were reasonable about your argument, you might understand that they are exaggerated for the artistic merit of the game, they are so because they suit the world that the artists developed, rather than just being slapped in there for pure juvinille tittilation.

    There are plenty of other games out there using boobs as a cheap hook (and websites too, I’m looking at you GameTrailers), so lets try to limit our judgements to the ones who are actually doing the wrong thing here.

    • I’m paying attention.
      I agree that it’s the art style, and I don’t have a problem with it from an exploitation perspective, but I don’t like it purely for aesthetic reasons. Less so with the sorceress (the way they ‘float’ is a bit off-putting), mostly with the amazon. The proportions just irk me. It’s a bit like Anarchy Reigns or Bayonetta.

  • The last time someone put small breasted women in a game they got in trouble for sexualising children (Tera). Just leave it be and learn to be more accepting than pointing a finger, change the world not the person.

  • Eh. Just some bullshit attention grab to get hits.
    Fuck the people who write these sort of “news articles”.

  • just know id only be pushing her buttons if the game was any good or if I could be bothered buying a vita.

  • Dude it’s Japanese. Go watch High School of the Dead (Jap Anime)

    You may die.
    Japan’s killing whales!
    Fuck that did you see how big that animated girls breasts that’s the real issue!!

  • About time a modern day Shadow over Mystaria came out. Thats what this reminds me of. Will be buying this day one.

    Also, because it has boobs. I’m a male and I like boobs and I’m not ashamed of my addiction.

    Sex sold cigarettes for decades, why the problem now?

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