LucasArts Is Dead: Let’s Remember The Good Times

LucasArts Is Dead: Let’s Remember The Good Times

I don’t often get wistful that often when it comes to gaming news. Companies come and go, but LucasArts was something special. It’s time to remember that.

Yes, the LucasArts of more recent memory was not the company it was in the 1990s. Yes, the luminaries of old had left to found their own companies. But we shouldn’t let our cynicism outweigh our respect for the games that shaped us as gamers.

Below are just a few of the brilliant games made in the hayday of LucasArts. Let’s remember them, in quiet solemnity, and reflect on a time when one company did so much in such a short span of time.



Maniac Mansion

Zak McKracken and The Alien Mindbenders


Secret of Monkey Island

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Super Star Wars

Day of the Tentacle

Sam & Max Hit the Road

Star Wars: X-Wing

Zombies Ate my Neighbors

Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Full Throttle

Star Wars: Dark Forces

The Dig



Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

Star Wars: X-wing Vs. Tie Fighter

The Curse of Monkey Island

Grim Fandango

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Star Wars Republic Commando


  • Day of the Tentacle, Atlantis, Zombies and the SNES Star Wars games were pretty cool. The rest, not for me. Sad day sure, but insignificant in the grand scheme of things. For me anyway.

  • Those 90’s adventure games got me through some tough times as a kid. Without them, I think I’d be a dead accountant. Certainly wouldn’t have become a gamer without them. Thanks, LucasArts.

  • I know you were old, senile and well past your prime, but the memories will remain fond. Requiescat In Pace indeed.

  • Oh man, so many memories. I especially remember The Dig \o/

    Not really. I remember the 1000 or so hours I put into the X-Wing series more than anything.
    TIE Fighter hidden objectives were the BEST!

  • Sad…
    But what had they done for me lately… why have they not been releasing Android and iPhone ports of their point and click catalogue… and why has their not been a HD re-release of Grim Fandango, or even a port to Android/iPhone…
    At least with the closure their may be a chance that the old catalogue may finally see some love.

    • Personally, I would not appreciate an HD Remaster of Grim Fandango.

      Just re-release the old dog with proper compatibility with new operating systems.

    • Thankfully the fans allow you to acheive all of these dreams through ScummVM and ResidualVM, because fans are awesome. You may profit by looking up “Grim Fandango Deluxe”, though it’s far from finished.

  • I always, ALWAYS wanted to play Grim Fandango, but it doesn’t work on modern machines. There have been some workarounds posted online, but after numerous attempts and failures, I gave up. I would still love to play it, I listen to the soundtrack (brilliant) all the time.

  • I’ve played the Monkey Island games (though yet to actually finish the third) and only got through about half of Grim Fandango… but otherwise the only games I loved that had the LucasArts logo at the start were the Rogue Squadron games.

    Except for the on-foot missions of Rebel Strike. Oh my god those was so horrendous.

  • I loved LucasArts. For me, they’re the only company that ever got adventure games truly right, and their games will always be at the top of my favourites list. Not to mention Ballblazer, the Dark Forces series, the X-Wing series. They truly had the midas touch during the 90s.

    All I wanted to do whan I was a kid was get a job at LucasArts. By the time I was able to the good old Lucas was gone, but I’m still sad I never got to acheive that dream.

  • i still remember getting Sam n max for Xmas and being blown away by the fact it came on 7 floppy disks. 7 disks! I have never laughed so hard in a game before, along with the Monkey Island’s and Full Throttle, they were the games i grew up on. Sad to see Lucasarts go like this, but it was inevitable.

  • For me other than the Star Wars games on NES and SNES…it’s the glory days of the point and click adventure I’ll remember Lucasarts for. Just recently I dusted off and started playing Full Throttle and Grim Fandango again. I can still remember the days that most of the adventure games I had on my PC were either from Lucasarts or Sierra

  • Sad day indeed 🙁

    Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis, The Dig, Money Island, Zombies Ate My Neighbours, X-Wing Vs Tie Fighters and Jedi Series’ were my absolute favourite games as a kid 🙁

  • So many great games, this has made me pretty sad. Going through all the videos has made me realise just how big a part of my childhood lucasarts games were. I do really hope all the staff go on to create their own group/company.

    Thanks for the memories 🙂

  • Some of my favourite games from childhood right there. But they really haven’t developed anything themselves that interested me recently.

  • I forgot about Labyrinth 🙂
    What about Rescue from Fractalus – eidolon – Koronis rift and ballblazer? Those were the games that created Lucasarts!

  • TIE Fighter was the one for me, played it all the freakin’ time. Never actually played X-Wing, I remember reading a video gaming magazine review/walkthrough of it over and over and imagining what the game was like haha.

    Regretfully I’ve never finished The Dig, despite starting it a handful of times. I just don’t seem to have the time or patience that I did many years ago 🙁

  • No love for Herc’s Adventures? That was one of the toughest, funniest games of my childhood. Still play through it every now and then.

  • Did anyone besides me ever play a game called Nightshift? You worked in a factory making Star Wars and Indy toys and you had to keep a wonky machine running. I loved that game but nobody seems to know it anymore.

  • I have more emotional ties to Loom than any other game ever. GUYS HE TURNS INTO A SWAN TO ESCAPE SATAN-DEMON-REAPER-WOMAN. Also SwanLake music. Oh god. Why do I feel like the only one who ever played this game?

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