The Goofiest Moments Mass Effect, Now In Motion

The Goofiest Moments Mass Effect, Now In Motion

The Hanars and the Batarians are not the weirdest things people have seen in the Mass Effect series. Take these goofy-looking Shepard creatures, for instance. Thanks to the game’s deep character customisation, people have made some downright freaky Commanders. Let’s laugh at these together.

The Reapers would probably leave the Milky Way Galaxy forever if they saw Shepard’s face after importing it to the Source Engine:

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With the release of the final piece of DLC, the Mass Effect trilogy has finally concluded. And so we’ve decided to spend a week taking a look back: It’s Mass Effect Week at Kotaku. All week long, we’ll be revisiting the last five and a half years of galaxy-saving heroism, cross-species romance and awkward dancing with new articles and some classics from years past.


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