There’s A DDR Machine In This Japanese Love Hotel

There’s A DDR Machine In This Japanese Love Hotel

“Love hotels” are Japan’s equivalent of the “no-tell motel”. Rooms are available by the hour, and the hotels cater to people having sex, whether that’s renting costumes, selling sex toys or streaming adult videos.

But wait! Some people have more varied interests. They like to sing karaoke and play video games. Well, love hotels often have karaoke machines and consoles in the room. (If not, they usually can be rented.) But arcade cabinets? Dance Dance Revolution machines? Now, that’s hardly typical.

Super Amusement Hotel Alpha, a love hotel in Japan’s Yamagata Prefecture, has a variety of rooms available. There’s Room 106, which has a massage chair. There’s Room 113, which has a slot machine as well as one of those rodeo machines.

And then, there’s Room 128, which has a DDR machine. Like, a huge DDR machine. In the room. That people rent for screwing.

On Twitter in Japan, people seem both surprised and amused by this hotel having a DDR machine. You should be, too!

If you are in Yamagata Prefecture, however, and are looking for a place to play DDR, swing by the Super Amusement Hotel Alpha! I’m sure nobody has ever had sex on it.

(Side note: Famously, Nintendo apparently owned a love hotel in Kyoto at one point.)

友達がラブホにDDR置いてあるとか言うから馬鹿にしてたら本当にあってくっっっっっっっそワロタwwwwwwww [togetter]

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