A Zombie Game Where You're The Zombie

Lots of games feature zombies. Not many games let you play as them. Maybe that's why I've taken an interest in Ray's The Dead, a new Kickstarter project that promises to be a zombie game unlike any others, mostly because the zombies are the stars.

This is an "action-stealth-puzzler" where you play as a zombie who can run around recruiting other zombies and converting humans to your cause.

The people behind Ray's The Dead want $75,000 to make it happen. Their Kickstarter campaign, like all Kickstarter campaigns, is full of lofty promises about the story and sound and gameplay, and it sounds pretty damn cool. (Project lead Chris Cobb is an industry veteran, too; he's worked on Thief 3, among other games.)

Video below:


    This just makes me think of how much I enjoyed Stubbs the Zombie.

      I agree. Stubbs The Zombie was a great game! Good soundtrack, too.

      My god that was such an amazing game.
      Maybe i should play it again. So brilliant.

      Ohhhh! i totally forgot about that game. It was truly amazing!

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