Batgirl Coming To Injustice

Injustice yesterday copped to adding in Batgirl as a DLC character, so that's one down, two to go on that rumour (the others are believed to be General Zod and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.) There will be gameplay video of her "next week", but no specific release date was given.



    - I was so surprised about Injustice! I expected it to be another lazy MK game but with a DC makeover and recycled animations. But not only is it not any of those, it's actually a really good game. I just wish Ed Boon would include combo missions and longer than 4 hit combo strings.

    Big part of the reason why I can't get into this game.

    All the batman characters look weird. I wouldn't have thought it was possible to make weird looking costumes for Bats in this day and age, but they have succeeded. Batgirl just keeps the trend going. How big is her forehead????

    I was hoping for Batwoman, Atrocitus, John Constantine and Spectre. Alas!

    Aw man. So now I gotta wait for a GOTY version instead?

      Yeah same here but I'm thinking if ps4/720 is announced maybe they wont bother re releasing as game of the year because peoples attentions will already be elsewhere?
      I'm gonna hold out for goty but I don't think it'll happen this time.
      I was hoping the dlc characters would push me into buying the game but they've been very underwhelming, wish Spawn was part of DC he'd be cool.

    i love Injustice as much as MK9, it has even tightened up some of the gameplay mechanics that needed a little more tweaking in MK, however, the character lineup is a little weird for me. there's some cool characters, a lot i don't know, not really being a big DC fan, (i'm more into Marvel/Image), however DC fans have been vocal about there being too many from Gotham City already, why bring in more as DLC?

    i don't like the idea of Scorps, he's already doin his badass thing in MK9, if anything, the wildcard characer - also in keeping with DC, could have been The Comedian or even Spider Jerusalem - or go totally left field, as NRS did with bringing Freddy to MK9 - why not bring in someone like Judge Dredd to clean up both sides of the war?

    i love the game, but some of the characters don't do it for me, and online sucks atm cuz too many people just keep jumping & spamming Superman's laser shite for a whole match - it's like Halo 3 all over again :P

    my only real complaints are many of the character models just seem a little wonky, even if the skins look decent enough, an issue MK titles have had since the shift from digitized actors to 3D models. some, but not all, quite a few look great, while others are kinda ugly hahaha.

    quick heads up with the Season Pass - only get it if you want all 4 characters for the price of 3 - they are selling skin packs OUTSIDE and NOT part of the Season Pass. -_-

    PS: if you dig the game, the comic series is well worth checking out. great writing, and nicely fills in all the crazy gaps in the lead up to the beginning of the game's story mode...

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