Borderlands 2 Writer Leaks Name Of New DLC

Borderlands 2 Writer Leaks Name Of New DLC

Whoops! Looks like the next piece of downloadable content for Borderlands 2 is called “Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep”. Borderlands writer Anthony Burch tweeted this picture, which has since been deleted (but not before the folks at Stealthy Box got a screengrab).

There in the background is a poster that sure looks like the next piece of BL2 DLC, which developer Gearbox has said will be out in late June.

When contacted by Kotaku, Gearbox declined to comment. At PAX East in March, the company showed the character Tiny Tina teasing something — presumably this new DLC.

Let this be a lesson to game developers: if you’re gonna leak posters of your unannounced games, don’t do it on Twitter! Do it on Kotaku.


    • As if that even needs to be said. They don’t print those posters off just to look at in their own offices.

      I was listening to awful radio the other day and some chick on there was talking about how her new song had “leaked” onto the iTunes Store.
      It’s basically just a tossers word for announcement these days.

  • I’ve never really been hyped for any Borderlands or Borderlands 2 DLC, there isn’t enough sustenance in the story to get me keen for it. More lvls? More guns? they more or less all look the same anyways. The only thing that interests me is this new “Ex-Psycho” Character. The Mechromancer was a bit ‘meh’, but a character based off an iconic enemy in the series? now that is exciting 🙂

  • This would make a good bar, each room with 2 couches and a table or maybe a coffee shop by day and a bar by night, little cages and some good not so damn loud music.

    O and the borderlands thing, very awesome, hope they don’t punish him too much for screwing up if it wasn’t intentional.

    • Given the information we’ve seen about the previous DLC releases, I’d say it probably couldn’t hurt. Sort of slap in the face, “Wake up! We’re about to make an announcement!” so you’re aware that there will soon be some press hype to pay attention to/ignore. Seems to be the way game PR is going these days anyway, with leaks about upcoming teasers about upcoming announcements, followed by teasers of trailers, followed by trailers, followed by a lumbering hype machine, which includes a ‘launch’ trailer usually followed a few weeks later by an actual launch.

  • What im concerned about is, do we have to buy this if ee already got the season pass? Since 4 dlc has already came out or is it covered in the dlc pass?

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