Check Out China’s ‘Genuine American-Style Zombie Shooting Game’

Earlier this month, Chinese gaming giant Tencent announced a “brand new” game that will be released later this year. The game, War of Zombies isn’t exactly a new game per se, it’s actually been talked about since 2010.

Developed by Korean publisher Vertigo Games, WoZ has actually been around since 2010 but never released. It seems, according to the language on Vertigo Games, and Tencent’s own WoZ page, that the game was developed solely for the Chinese market. It seems now that the game might finally be released for the public.

Above we grabbed the Chinese promotional trailer for the game. Funny enough, the majority of the video is in English and it’s “hosted” by Canadian fashion model and artist, Rick Genest. Some of you may know Genest as his stage name, Zombie Boy, others might know him from his appearance in Lady Gaga’s music video for Born This Way.

Throughout the two-minute plus video, Genest touts WoZ as a “genuine American-style zombie shooting game”. According to the video above, WoZ is a first person online survival horror shooter (wow that’s a lot of buzz/jargon words!). Basically the player can play as a human or one of six zombies and cause chaos. Think Resident Evil meets Counter Strike .

At this time, you’re probably asking, “What is a ‘genuine American-style zombie shooting game?”. Sadly I don’t have an answer for that. I never knew “American-style Zombie shootings games” were a genre, hopefully we’ll know more once the game is actually out, which is still unknown at this time.


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