Destroy Your Childhood Memories Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Obliterate what you once thought of the Ninja Turtles by watching this gross, NSFW exploration of what 'scientifically accurate Ninja Turtles' would be like. Truly, Animation Domination High Def has a twisted mind. I had no idea real turtles were so... unpleasant.




    Wow... oh my god... that..... yeah wow.... April was all like..... wow.... she was wanting.... wow...... I just...... Im not sure what I watched but damn.

    The title of this article was spot on. I wish I had heeded its warning.

    You've stated NSFW in the article so the top response on youtube for "Pizza Time" should be included. Also very relavent to the article title....

    I had no idea real turtles were so… unpleasant

    Not scientifically accurate so real turtles aren't like that at hearing, they can hear but not as good as animals with visual outer ears.

    Actually the whole video is probably bull crap but I don't want to start googling about turtle penis to see whether that's true lol

    Nooo now the theme is stuck in my head. Hate this article, anytime I hear that theme its stuck for 24 hours.

    Oddly they seem to have omitted the fact that turtles are not well known for jumping high kicks.

    Or do they do that in the USA?

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