EB Games Is In The Process Of Trying To Raise $500,000 And You Can Help

Watch live video from ebgamesaus on www.justin.tv EB Games has been partnered with the Starlight Foundation since 2008. Last year it managed to raise $500,000 for Starlight which focuses its efforts on trying to help out seriously ill and hospitalised children. This year? EB is hoping to push things to an incredible $550,000, and part of that effort involves a 25 hour Gameathon at EB's flagship Swanston St store in Melbourne — they've got four hours left to go and you can watch the final push live!

If you'd like to donate to EB's push there are a number of ways you can do it. You can head directly to the Starlight section of EB's website, or you can purchase donation packs on the regular site. It's worth noting that EB itself has committed to donating an incredible $100,000 of its own revenue to the Starlight Foundation. It's pretty hard to get a hard number on how much has been raised so far, but it looks as if the guys are approaching $250,000 raised.

The event is part of Starlight Day which is... today! Head here for more information on precisely what Starlight does. I've always felt like it's easy to be cynical about these drives and the motivation behind them, and some measure of cynicism is healthy I suppose, but this is a big effort and a lot of money is being raised. This money helps families across Australia and that's important. It's a good thing.

Good luck to everyone involved!


    I gave them 20 bucks yesterday and got a Gears of War 3 promotional poster that they hang in the windows.

    t’s worth noting that EB itself has committed to donating an incredible $100,000 of its own revenue

    That's...what...a total of about 10 games sold for them?

      that's one hundred Thousand dollars not one hundred dollars.


    I think the title left me more cynical than anything; by the time I realized there was a charity involved (my feed reader doesn't show pictures) I'd already lit the torch and got the pitchfork out and everything! Now I have to find something else to use them on...

    It's the Internet. I shouldn't have to wait long.

    No offense but when i want to donate to the starlight foundation i donate directly, i'm not comfortable with middlemen getting involved.

    Starlight Day was one of the few days where I didn't mind working for EB.
    Yes, the whole thing is a PR stunt, designed to boost sales and trades (this increased revenue far outweighs the percentage they donate) but still ... helping sick kids is always a good thing.
    When my sister was in hospital with an essentially demolished arm, the Starlight room at Westmead Children's Hospital was her second home.
    Being doped up and playing Mario on SNES with one hand helped her through, so thanks to Starlight for making that easier for her, and kudos to EB for jumping on board with a truly worthwhile charity. I hope they make their target.

    So i give to EB and they give to the kids so they get a tax benefit...?

    they already raised 500K and now looking to push up 550k?
    hardly HARDLY looks like they are trying.

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