Even If You Hate Angry Birds, You Gotta Admit These Toys Are Great

Even If You Hate Angry Birds, You Gotta Admit These Toys Are Great

Hasbro will be selling this bulk pack of Angry Birds action figures as a Comic-Con exclusive. On 364 days of the year, I would rather drink poison than buy Angry Birds action figures, but roping vintage Star Wars packaging into the mix sure does change things.

While they’re technically individual figures, they’ll be sold as one single item and will go for $US25. Not bad. If you’re not going to Comic-Con, don’t sweat it; the day a Comic-Con exclusive isn’t instantly re-sold online is the day the sun dies out.

Angry Birds Star Wars in Vintage Packaging [Toyark]


  • I do? because they used a gimmack?
    Sorry i was unaware i had to admit such things, i will be mindful of that in the future.

  • Note to self: want to sell shit covered poisonous mushrooms? Wrap them in Star wars pictures and people will think it’s the best thing since sliced bread!

  • I don’t hate Angry Birds, I don’t love it and I don’t think I’ve ever actually played it, other than it’s original crush the castle version. (Not Rovio)

    Now having said that I don’t see the appeal of Angry Birds Star Wars figures. I honestly think Toy is a stretch here, they are solid lumps of plastic, they don’t do anything.

    • Increasingly this is what toys seem to be – look at Skylanders – it’s weird to think toys were more poseable when I was a kid!

      • I don’t consider Skylanders toys either, they are Video Game characters with a RFID Chip (Or however it works) and a statue.

        I’m not against Statues or figurines, but I don’t call em toys. I used to love Monsters in my Pocket as a kid, little rubber figures with a trading card that told you all about the monster. But what about the humble Hot wheels car? Generally they are as easy to play with if the wheels didn’t move.

        I guess my issue of these is wouldn’t you prefer a Luke figure over an Angry Bird version of Luke? It’s also my prediction these would cost the same or more than an actual Star Wars figure. And I honestly doubt they are aimed at kids, there for Adults who love Star Wars and for some reason Angry Birds.

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