Angry Birds Star Wars Crashes Onto Consoles And Handhelds This October

Angry Birds vaulted to megahit success on smartphones. If you’ve been in a plane, train or automobile with more than two people, chances are one of them had it on their phone. But Activision’s started bringing Rovio’s successful franchise to home gaming machines last year with Angry Birds Trilogy. This year, they’re bringing Angry Birds Star Wars to Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft hardware. There’s no escaping Lard Vader.

The HD-capable version of ABSW will feature a bunch of added features, including co-op play:

This title adds 20 never-before-seen exclusive levels — in addition to the existing 200 from the original Angry Birds Star Wars mobile game — and for the first time ever, multiplayer modes. Play alongside family members or friends in two-player co-op mode to achieve a combined high score or against them (up to four players) in competitive mode.

Angry Birds Star Wars — which we think is the most evolved game in the series — will be hitting the Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, Wii, Wii U and 3DS on October 29th. And don’t forget the toyetic sequel that was announced yesterday, now with 100 per cent more tiny figures for your kids to lose.


  • For $40 are you fucking kidding me. A game that is pretty much free on Android for 40 dollars just because its a console. Fuck you Rovio

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