For Sale: $2500 Video Gaming Chamber That Could Probably Kill You

For Sale: $2500 Video Gaming Chamber That Could Probably Kill You

Craigslist ain’t simply your one-stop source for $27 flea-infested futons, or where you celebrate a third DUI by buying a moped. No, you can find some truly bizarre shit, like this rolling deathtrap in which you may play an Xbox 360 with your knees tucked to your chest.

Why on God’s green earth someone would build this, much less use it as described, is beyond me, but a craftsman in the vibrant artisan community of Youngstown, Ohio is offering it for 2.5 kilobucks. Listed on April 29, it’s still up for sale on that locality’s Craigslist.

Amenities include an “HD LCD TV on adjustable Omnimount”, “black fleece inner wall lining”, a “100 watt powered subwoofer” and “solid construction”. It supposedly seats two.

There also is a “rubber lined spill-proof floor” in case you tip over a beer or put someone’s body in there, plus a latch for a padlock if you want to trick a friend into playing some Call of Duty while you forklift his arse into Evans Lake.

Serious inquiries only.

X-Box 360 Personal Gaming Module SERIOUS GAMERS ONLY!!!! – $US2500 (Youngstown, OH) [Craigslist, via Geekologie]


  • dayum,
    more like a fap chamber

    i wouldnt go near this thing in a million years

  • Didn’t Sessue Hayakawa stick Alec Guiness in this thing at the beginning of Bridge On The River Kwai?

  • Call of Duty sticker? If all CoD fans were confined to one of these, the world would be a better place….

    Just kidding, looks cozy <_

  • Given the size of the door next to it I’m thinking that thing’s actually a lot bigger than it first looks. One of my nephews once moved his PS2 and small TV into his wardrobe and lived in their for months and it would have been considerably smaller than that!

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