Fox News Host Calls Out ‘Hollywood’s Violent Video Games’ At NRA Event

This isn’t the first time Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro has name-checked video games in a rant meant to inflame people scared of any change to gun ownership rights. But, this weekend, Pirro’s comments were made from the NRA’s bully pulpit.

An address at the NRA Annual Meetings — reported on by Raw Story — Pirro said the following:

How dare you compare me to a nutjob on the lunatic fringe in desperate need of medication doing nothing but watching Hollywood’s blood-soaked movies and playing the liberal Hollywood’s violent video games for days at a time…

Now, these remarks channel real anger. But Pirro misses the mark by assuming that video games are made by the Hollywood studio system and assuming a political bent on behalf of the companies that make them. It seems like like her call-out is just another bullet point to be ticked off a list, without ever really understanding the ting she attacks.

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    • and don’t forget we’ll get some of the most boring games if Hollywood made video games…and 99% of them would be movie tie-ins

    • I probably misunderstood what you said … but how is that any different to what we have now?
      I mean we essentially only get remakes and sequels now anyway.

  • NRA? Nauseating Ramblings by Assholes theatre group? I thought Alex Jones was their leader, or did he just win a ‘Crazy of the month’ award a while back?

  • WOW. “A dead terrorist bomber from Chechnya has more rights that US citizens” I almost stopped at the first lines. Seriously.. He was in US for a decade since his mid teens from what I understood and … ah fuck it.. It’s Fox News and NRA all in one.. Damn this is like if Alan Jones hosted an episode of Today Tonight. Angry’s up the blood.. not so much that there is someone that has these views.. but that there is a stage where they can be speaking this shit from and be cheered on for it. I don’t care about the relationship this has to video games.. just FFS (some) US people.

    PS. After watching this.. she keeps banging on about not wanting to connect the NRA with mass murderers… but the simple fact is you are connected.. guns connect you. If there was a lot less guns in the community, less of these circumstances where mentally unstable have access to guns would occur.. Now mass murders and murders will still occur.. but if a mentally unstable person only has access to a plastic fork.. the damage would be much less. The gun crime statistics in the US clearly support this… Why did she have to mention games.. then I would not have seen this shite.

  • So, Republican video games are still o.k?

    Good news everyone, the games with guns where you go to war & kill everyone are still fine. Also anything with the Tom Clancy name on it is fine.

    • maybe all new games there should be a mini game at the start of the game where you have to sign play a minigame as part of the tutorial to answer some questions and sign a few forms.. then after 5 days you get access to the guns in game.

  • How dare you compare me to a nutjob on the lunatic fringe in desperate need of medication

    If the shoe fits …

  • News just in – conservatives are backwards morons who roll around in cognitive dissonance to support their agenda of violence and corporate profit. More news at nine, as we take you to incoming Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s doorstop interview about his new policies that you won’t hear about until after they take effect. But first, it’s time for all obedient voters to check in with tonight’s My Kitchen Rules!

  • I’d like to call out the firearms industry for creating an implement whos sole purpose is to physically kill and destroy with no other purpose…

    • That’s a bit of an excessive generalisation there dude. In the context of what you’ve said, you’re penalising professions that DO have a legitimate use (defence, policing, hunters, et al) for firearms. Used only in that context, I don’t think there’s a particular problem with industry producing weapons for industries that have that specific need for them. Now, this fundamentalist belief in being able to own high powered, high capacity, fully automatic, military styled weapons simply because one can, not because you have an actual contextual need (the home invasion excuse for owning an assault rifle is bullshit, for example) is complete crap. And in that particular context, I have no problem with you calling out the NRA on their bullshit excuses for what they’re really doing: Protecting their business buddies and their associated products by deflecting the consequences of excessive amounts of unregulated military style firearms (re ‘civilianised’) freely available to the public and people who definitely shouldn’t have access to them (ie, people with mental illness, with ideological an personal axes to grind, etc).

      • tl:dr. Its a generalisation? Really? Like the woman in the article generalising about games? :O Noooooooo…

        • That’s the problem with text, no voice tone and sarcasm is hard to read (not that time at least. :p). Sorry matey. 🙂

          • lol it’s ok 🙂 I just thought I’d throw in a vast generalisation like she did based on no credible information supplied lol.

            Personally I have NO problem with guns being owned by RESPONSIBLE law abiding people as long as all legal steps have been adhered to, all safety checks have been met and no mental illnesses of any kind are present. All people should be over 18 (personally I prefer the age of 21 but that’s just me) etc. It’s just that in the states, they’re not following all these rules, leading to situations like that kid shooting his mother with the gun he was given at ELEVEN years of age.

    • There are people who do need guns, Farmers for example do need guns because it’s the quickest and most humane way to put down an animal you can’t save.

      Your average citizen doesn’t need a gun, and owning it for home defense is one of the worst arguments.

  • Does no one else think this lady really is a nutjob? She is just preaching bullshit to the American people.

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