Guy Almost Breaks Monitor Using The Oculus Rift As Roller Coaster Sim

We've been enjoying quite a few Oculus Rift reactions/shenaniganries on Kotaku lately. But this guy jolting and bobbing around while on a virtual roller coaster is quite fun on its own too.

Imagine what it must feel like, standing up in a regular ol' living room but totally believing like you're dropping down from a huge height. I, apparently, can't handle real-life roller coasters anymore, but I don't know if I'm any more suited to them on the Oculus Rift. Here's to finding out!

Brandon tries the Oculus Rift (roller coaster) [YouTube via NeoGAF]


    Haha that's awesome. But the game I'd really like to play would be something along the lines of this:

    lol does he need to move that much ?

    there was no gforce involve in the making of this clip lolol

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