Here's A Complete Schedule Of E3 Press Conferences

E3 is almost here, a merry time of hype and trailers and demos and of course, press conferences. From June 10 — 13, video game publishers from around the world will descend on Los Angeles like a swarm of eager beavers, ready to try to sell us on the next big thing. Yes, beavers. A massive swarm of beavers.

Kotaku will have all hands on deck to cover the big event, with reporters on the ground in LA and writers in the home office working around the clock to bring you comprehensive coverage of the show. And as usual, that show is preceded by a raft of big press conferences, all of which will be streaming right here at Kotaku.

For your planning consideration, we've put together a schedule of those conferences. (If you want to sound like a cool industry insider, you can call them "pressers.") (You don't have to, though. Purely optional.)

Since the shindig is in Los Angeles, all times are noted in Pacific Time, so add or subtract the appropriate number of hours for your respective timezones.


Konami Pre-E3 Show 10am PST (3am AEST)

MONDAY, June 10

Microsoft 9am-11am PST (2am-4am AEST) Electronic Arts 1pm-2pm PST (6am-7am AEST) Ubisoft 3pm-4pm PST (8am-9am AEST) Sony 6pm-9pm PST (11am-2pm AEST)

TUESDAY, June 11

Nintendo 7am PST (midnight AEST)

In addition to all that, publisher Square Enix will be streaming all week from their spot on the show floor. We'll update this post with new information should any of that change.

The easiest way to follow along with Kotaku's E3 coverage will be to follow the Kotaku E3 2013 tag. Let's get ready to do this thing; don't forget to pack a lunch.


    Sony's conference is 3 hours long!!! They must have a lot of stuff to show!

      yeah, like a console!

        I meant more along the lines of "Microsoft's conference is two hours long while Sony's is three. They already had a 2 hour conference to reveal the PS4 (compared to XBone's one), so what's the additional two hours for?".

        I'm guessing we get to see a lot of real-time gameplay demos and lots of announcements. Let's hope they've gotten some good partnerships with other publishers and devs other than Ubisoft, Squeenix, Capcom and Blizzard (2K, Rockstar, Avalanche comes to mind).

        Last edited 24/05/13 2:26 pm

          Well they've got 3 platforms to talk about (PS3, PS4 and Vita). MS have only got 2 (360 and One).

            and "Games"

              Yeah, but on the other hand, MS have TV. And sports. So it evens out. Right?

              Last edited 24/05/13 3:29 pm

                Very funny. But I'm sad. I really thought xbox was going to come out on top, mainly because of the financial backing.

                  Money is nothing without the brains to use it wisely. Unfortunately, Microsoft don't have any, as we have seen with their Windows 8 for desktops designed to be touch navigated and well.. Xbox One with TV, Sports, TV, Sports, Dogs, TV, Sports.. and so on and so forth.

                  I wonder what breed of dog they'll be showing off at E3

            I was about to chime in and say it’s ridiculous that they need 3 hours to talk about a console but you’ve pretty much solved that for me. 2 hours should really be enough but I guess gaming execs are long winded mofos.

      Kotaku US have 2hrs. Who is right?

      Last edited 24/05/13 5:04 pm

        That's more likely. Holding a conference for 3 hours at E3 is probably very expensive.

      well metal gear cut scene's are long you know!

    Just for clarity, I assume when you say:

    Monday 9am-11am PST (2am-4am AEST)

    You actually mean...

    Monday 9am-11am PST (Tuesday 2am-4am AEST)

      Yes. We're a day ahead of the Americans.

        I know, I was just pointing that out for anyone who could potentially be confused by the hours indicating its monday morning for us when its actually tuesday.

    Yep and its at a good time to watch for us :D

    I'll probably only watch the Sony one live. Not because of any particular brand loyalty, but because its on at a reasonable our.

    Will be interesting to see how MS recover from the announcement. Will they trundle on, or decide to focus on games at E3?

    I'm not expecting much from Nintendo. Maybe they'll lock in some actual release dates for titles (probably in 2014).

    is it stupid to hope for a new game reveal from Bethesda? In particular one starting with 'Fall' and ending with 'out 4'?

      I think it will be like waiting for a game starting with Final and ending with Versus XIII

        The main thing is that we see a game starting with Mirror's and ending with Edge 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    Have to post because im giddy with excitement..

    I'm going to this damn thing!!!!! 14 hour flight lined up for Saturday June 8 :) Going as a Ubisoft Ambassador ( and am the only one from the Southern hemisphere so kinda feel special :)

    I will be at the Ubi confernce but no idea what else. I really.. REALLY want to go to the Microsoft one but I don't think thats on the cards sadly.

      If you're into sports or TV the Microsoft presentation will be right up your alley!

      On a more sincere note, congrats you lucky bastard :P

    Welp, looks like I'll realistically only be able to watch Ubisoft's and Sony's presentations. No way I'm getting up at 6 for EA.

    3 hours for Sony? Christ. How mcuh filler do they have?

    The PS4 reveal was 2 hours and could have EASILY been compressed to under an hour. I can only imagine how much boring shit they'll spin in 3 hours.

      The longer the better, I reckon. Sony's conference is the last chance for console gaming to retain my faith at this point, so best give them the biggest window possible in which to do it. At least we know the hardware is OK and is popular with developers, so they've avoided Nintendo's fate. But if they serve up more DRM crap like MS did then my enthusiasm for console gaming (and quite possibly gaming in general) is going to take a very heavy hit from which it will not recover quickly if at all.

        "so they've avoided Nintendo's fate"

        Could this be a lot of the people that were holding out for the new Xbox that were disappointed with the reveal and decided to buy a WiiU instead?

        Also after the Xbox one event EA confirmed that it is still developing games for the WiiU (it took them one week to back flip on there position)

        I think the WiiU will be doing quite well by the end of this year, after such a slow start.

        Last edited 24/05/13 5:50 pm

          I was always going to wait till all 3 are out as would most people I expect

    Most of the Sony conference will be devoted to the PS4 console launch and GAMES...more GAMES...then a sprinkle of PS3 and Vita stuff...perhaps PD will be there to show off GT6 and answer if they are making it for the PS4 as well

    Konami has the pre-E3 conference....hmm want to see in game action of PES 14 on the Fox Engine

    Last edited 24/05/13 4:27 pm

    E3 starts with METAL GEAR, good

    Good to see Sony has the only International friendly timeslot for E3 :)
    F*** staying up till 2am to see what further fail Microsoft will throw at us.

      We're praising Sony over their (likely randomly assigned) conference times now?

      The echo chamber that is Kotaku is getting really tedious.

    I still can't see what all the huff and puff about the XBOX One is. Microsoft have made it pretty clear on a number of occasions that they were saving the game reveals until E3.

    Their conference was a console launch and that's what they did. The specs seem fine (pretty much in line with PS4), the console looks great and I actually don't mind some of the ideas they have around Kinect and TV etc, so long as E3 shows they've backed that up with solid games.

    I'll reserve the judgement until after E3 but the constant whining is nauseating.

    Damn you konami, why do you have to be on at 3am our time... tempted to stay up and watch it.

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