Internet Shocked By Korea’s School Lunch Chaos

Internet Shocked By Korea’s School Lunch Chaos

According to online reports, this is apparently a high school lunchroom in Seoul. A disaster of a lunchroom, that is.

The images were originally uploaded in South Korea with the title “The Worst High School” and have become a hot topic online, reports Rakuten Infoseek. The photos went viral in South Korea, racking up over 90,000 likes on Facebook.

After these students ate, they seem to have dropped their dirty trays in the lunch lady’s general direction, instead of putting them away.

Online in South Korea, people saying that this is “truly awful”. Other feel bad for the lunch lady, and some think that the tray return system needs a severe overhaul. Others wrote things like, “These students have zero morals.”

As it is with these kind of things, the images themselves do not appear to tell the whole story. Because the photos became such a big deal, the school’s vice principal actually had to comment on the matter, explaining that the cafeteria staff was shorthanded (there was apparently a worker’s strike), and that all the stacked dirty trays were accidentally knocked over.

“Please don’t make excuses,” wrote one individual online in South Korea. “This is a trashy school.”

In neighbouring Japan, people online are uploading photos of how tidy Japanese children are at lunch and are, thus, using this as a way to criticise South Korea. “What is this a zoo?” asked one. The criticism at Korea is totally not fair; Japanese kids can be slovenly, too, and this is certainly not the norm in South Korea. People there are just as shocked as anyone by these images, whether they were intentional or accidental. This is a mess!

韓国の学校の給食風景が本当に凄い! [KJ Club via 気ままに]

韓国の学校の給食後が凄すぎる [Rakuten Infoseek]

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  • …. Wow. I just came here to say a big congratulations on managing to convolute the entire story by only having one direct reference to which country it actually happened in (below)
    and this is certainly not the norm in South Korea.

    Other than that it could just as easily be North Korea you’re talking about, especially given the scathing overview of whatever media they can get their hands on from the North would be entirely fitting with every single other comment made either as a quote or by yourself in this article.

    The rest of the time you simply refer to the country as “Korea” – which doesn’t even exist, and is incredibly ignorant and probably offensive to many people from this region. Absolutely terrible journalism.

    • North Korea?? Dude, they’re in the middle of a famine all the time in North Korea. So I don’t think there’d be any food left on those trays for starters. Plus those walls are pretty bare of propaganda material…

      • Haha, I see your point and I realise it’s pretty obvious that it’s South Korea =but that’s entirely besides the point that it’s terrible writing, and technically racist I guess, since as I say Korea isn’t even a real country.

        The author even has it in their standard article signature line “Korea” which would still not even be correct even if they DID have media/news from both North and South Korea.

        PS: @a-train @firaenix – not sure what you could have found incorrect or objectionable to downvote the comment, but I suggest to you that supporting ignorance is always a bad play.

        • you’re overreacting. in your original post, and again by feeling the need to tag me because i down voted you.

    • Mate, there is Korea, and then there is North Korea. When somebody tells me they’re Korean, I know where they’re from, and it isn’t the North.

  • to be honest, in really not shocked by this over seas school acting out, there are heaps of schools in Australia in same if not worse condition that get no recognition what so ever,

    • Yeah, when I was at school we had two kids who liked to smear their poop all over the toilet walls.. At least this is something someone ONCE wanted to touch at least heh!

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