It's An Avatar Game, Only Without The Licence

Son of Nor is a game we took a look at last year, and while its mechanics — you can control the elements and move the ground itself — were promising, it was also, well, a bit ugly. Nearly a year later and the Austrian developers behind the game have bounced back with a new graphics engine that has things looking much nicer.

With both a singleplayer game and co-op modes, it's intended for PC, Mac and Linux.

Son of Nor is currently up on Kickstarter looking for funding. Check it out below.

Son of Nor - The World is Your Weapon [Kickstarter]


    I do not seem to get the Avatar reference. o.O

      Avatar: The last airbender maybe?

        Ahhh of course. Derp. Here I was thinking the blue Avatar. Such a blonde sometimes.

          Haha I was like that at first, thinking these people are far from looking blue :/

      I believe he means Avatar: The Last Airbender, as opposed to Avatar the movie. As a small insight, in this anime series the Avatar, a being of ultimate power, journeys to gain dominance of the elements of air, earth, water and fire, which would relate to this article/game in the manner that this game is also based on manipulating these elements. Hope that clears up your confusion =).

    Seen this around a few times and i'm not yet seeing the appeal of it. The game looks really bland to me, animations are all janky and everything just seems kind of stiff. I realise it's in early days but i'm not sold on it like some others are.

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