Elite Dangerous Hits Kickstarter Goal

David Braben's Kickstarter funded Elite development is go, but with only hours left in the Kickstarter, there are added goals, including the prospect of a Mac version.

The initial target for Elite: Dangerous was a not-modest £1.2 million. That goal has now been reached with a bit under two days to run on the Kickstarter, which means that further development of Elite Kickstarter will continue; it's worth remembering that Kickstarter funds cover development, but putting your money down is an investment risk, and all that Braben technically owes anyone is a best effort to produce Elite Dangerous — that's the same as with any Kickstarter, in fact.

With the goal reached, new "stretch" goals have been unveiled. If the total cracks £1.4 million, Braben plans to release a Mac version "within three months" of the PC release. If £1.5 million is raised, then the initial number of ships available in the game will be raised to 25 from the current 15. Another pledge tier has been added as well, with £25 getting you a digital copy of the game and 500 starting credits in-game. No word as yet whether the mighty Thargoid empire is concerned about the Kickstarter's success, however. [Elite Dangerous Kickstarter]


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