New Star Wars TV Series Will Take Place Between Episodes III And IV

Reeling from the recent cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars? You may or may not be pleased to know that Disney/Lucasfilm just announced a new animated series in the massive sci-fi universe.

The series is called Star Wars Rebels, and it's set between Star Wars: Episode III and Star Wars: Episode IV in what Disney's press release writers call "an era spanning almost two decades never-before explored on-screen." Which... hey. That sure seems like fertile ground for vidya games. Maybe EA has some things planned during that time period as well? The Adventures of Young Lando? A first-person shooter starring young Han Solo? A baby Luke tamagotchi? The possibilities are endless.


    Lando and Han open a space bar.
    Could be a cross between XWing vs Tie Fighter and a Sims game where you manage a pub.
    Call it Millennium Bar!

    There's some fairly dark stories to be spun throughout that period. The formation and expansion of the Empire, new weapons being developed like the Death Star. It'd be awesome to fully see the rise of Grand Moff Tarkin. Hopefully this all isn't quantity over quality though but I'll reserve judgement until we physically have something to watch.

    The rise of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the creation of the Maw eeeeet!!

    There's not a whole lot of EU fiction in this area, but there is some (The Force Unleashed is probably the most prominent, though there's some Han Solo stuff too). Will be interesting to see whether Disney pay it any mind at all, or just stick with the movie-is-canon attitude that Lucas had.

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    Forced unleashed? That game was surprisingly important in the greater scheme of things.

    I've always thought this would be the most interesting time on the star wars universe, the development of the empire and the building of the rebellion, the creation of the various star ships and the early skirmishes.

    I hope Ahsoka Tano's fate is covered at some point. As Clone Wars slowly got better in terms of story/substance, she far outshone the annoying Anakin character.

    Plus demise or go-darkside stories are always interesting.

    Shadows of the Empire is still one of my favorite games, Let's hope they produce something of this quality.

      Agreed. I think I'd explode if they expanded on this story.

    If it's not written by Timothy Zahn, then they can f*** right the hell off.

    Knowing Disney, they'd probably get Kevin J. Anderson >..

    Kyle Katarn.

    Kyle Katarn needs to appear. (also, at the very least, make a movie based on dark forces II)

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