Oh My God, It's (Probably) A New, Proper Syndicate Game

Don't get me wrong. I quite enjoyed the Syndicate shooter from last year. But it wasn't really Syndicate, was it?

Now this teaser trailer, for something called Satellite Reign, this appears to be a Syndicate game. At least in spirit.

Saying that the mystery project will be the return of a Bullfrog classic from 1996, and featuring cyberpunk imagery, it's obviously referencing Syndicate Wars, the third - and first to be in 3D - Syndicate action/strategy game.

While that name is owned by EA, the man behind the project - obviously Syndicate Wars designer Mike Diskett - isn't, so given the content and tone of the trailer above we're probably looking at a modern reboot of the game.

We'll know more when the game's Kickstarter campaign begins in 35 days.

Satellite Reign [Site]


    Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. This + Shadowrun Returns: isometric heaven. Also, American Revolt was an expansion so there were only two Syndicate games.

    But Syndicate Wars was crap :( Give me a remake of the original.

      Syndicate Wars was an ok game in my books, and I had a great time nuking city blocks with Satellite Rain (an orbital bombardment weapon for those who didn't play it) :p

      Agree. Doesn't mean this game will be crap though. Here's hoping.

      I enjoyed it back in the day, I thought it was better than the original...
      The only real issue I had with it was the massively overpowered Graviton Gun.

    I loved the absolute hell out of Syndicate Wars so this is very good news for me.

    I will give them my right arm to see a new (proper) syndicate be made. I played the shit out of syndicate on my old Amiga 500. I actually didn't mind the new syndicate game as a coop shooter ( imorted by ozgameshop) but nowhere near as good as the original games

    the new syndicate game was horrid, i went back to playing the original afterwards, would love to see a proper remake/sequal

    A trailer for a countdown to a kickstarter.


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