Help These Guys Make A New Syndicate Game

As expected after the tease earlier this year, Satellite Reign is the name of a game that really just wants to be a new Syndicate. A proper Syndicate, not a shooter bearing the franchise's name.

It's being developed by 5 Lives Studios, based in Brisbane, Australia, and really just sounds like the kind of Syndicate game we'd have expected from Bullfrog had the studio somehow survived into the 21st century.

So in addition to your research, squads and tactical gameplay, the cities are now alive, changing from day to night, while also giving you a means to interact with things like power supplies.

Most interesting, though, is that the game isn't broken up into distinct levels. You're given access to one huge city, a single open world, and you can tackle missions and objectives at your leisure.

There's more art and story info below.

Satellite Reign [Kickstarter]


    This looks incredible! Cool that they're Brisbane based too. Good luck, guys!

      Damn right. While I like zombie games I feel like the market is too saturated with them. We need more cyberpunk games!

        Indeed and absolutely. I hope Cyberpunk becomes the next big hollywood fascination too, it's about time we saw a return to some cyberpunk fascination. It almost but not quite got there with The Matrix (first movie not the sequels), I think Blade Runners about the best we've had so far realistically. I would love to see a balls out, full on Cyberpunk movie though, that'd be sick.

          Blade Runner basically invented the visual style and everything so of course it's one of the better examples. I'd add Ghost in the Shell as well. I actually wonder if maybe what pushed people away from Cyberpunk was the Matrix sequels. Also we went through a period where technology basically started to catch up and exceed what was being thought possible in 80s and 90s cyberpunk and I wonder if maybe there was a bit of a scramble to make it relevant again.

          It's felt like we might be on the cusp of a resurgence in the style for a few years now, especially in games, but it still hasn't completely exploded yet. Maybe if Prey 2 hadn't been cancelled or whatever, or if Square weren't pissing away the success of the recent Deus Ex reboot by making a dodgy mobile game instead of a proper sequel...

            There's always Cyberpunk 2077 to look forward to. Given what The Witcher 3 looks like already, I'm absolutely psyched for anything that CD Projekt touches.

              Same, to me CD Projekt can do no wrong. I love their attitude towards gaming.

        Syndicate is the greatest zombie game of them all. =P

          So much of a lol out of me and so damn true. I remember I used to persuadatron the WHOLE damn map...

            You mean there was another way to do things?

              rofl it ended up that way didn't it??? lol.

                Zombie army with GUNS.

                1. Persuade civilian army.
                2. Hunt down individual police to arm civilian army.
                3. Steamroll... everything, and bring civilian army to end-point, along with stolen weaponry.
                4. Profit.

                  3.5 Persuade Enemy Syndicate Agents along the way...

    Oh my god. Kickstarter is officially the best thing to ever happen to gaming I swear to god. I understand there's the bad things from time to time, but things like this??? It's making dreams come true :) It's Syndicate 3!!!!! The teenager inside me just jumped up and down doing the Ren & Stimpy Happy happy joy joy dance two thousand times!!!

    Last edited 01/07/13 4:16 pm

      Kickstarter is friggan awesome. Hopefully the new Shadowrun turns out great.

        Have you seen the dev-log gameplay video? It really, really, really looks like it's going to be great.

        Especially with community-made adventure modules/campaigns/whatever the hell they're calling them.

          I haven't seen it, no. Thanks for pointing it out though... I'm off to check it out!

    sounds amazing, awesome its an aussie studio doing this, though I dont like the idea of the team being fixed. I think the team building, loss of life, replacing them with rookies etc is a huge selling point for these games. I found that it was the lack of this that made me not like Ghost Recon Shadow Wars as much as Xcom.

    I've already backed it :), only the second kickstarter I've ever backed (the first being Void Destroyer last Friday).
    I hope they get there, It's looking pretty likely given they're 3 days in and 1/3 of the way there.

    Love the position title (Not a big red dog)
    Wasn't planningon backing anything else on kickstarter for a while but I would like to see a new syndicate game. Plus support for an Aussie based studio, I think my wallet get thrown before the end of this

    Oh man, i loved syndicate. had it on my first DOS based PC. This looks rad, heaps excited.

    I spent so many hours on the Syndicate series.

    I only got to play Syndicate on the SEGA Mega Drive in its day as I never had access to a PC... but I loved it anyway.

    This looks cool, even if it's generally not my kind of game these days.
    Perhaps a chance to resurrect my interest. :)

    *throws wallet at screen* why isn't this working???

      You're throwing your wallet at your pc screen thats why!!! Throw your money at me and I'll see if it works!!!


    Quick question though, if they are in Brisbane, why is the Kickstarter in pounds?

    Either way, I'm in, I have wanted this for soooo long.
    If either of the new consoles had announced this as an exclusive I would have hit the preorder button instantly.

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