If There Is A God, This New Syndicate Tribute Will Get Made

A little extreme, perhaps, to hinge the existence of a higher power on the funding for a video game project, but this isn't your average Kickstarter. It's for a game that is, in everthing but name, a new Syndicate title. So it's important.

I wrote about Satellite Reign a few weeks back, but the team have since released a video showing, if not what the game actually looks like, what they're planning on making the game look like. And it looks...just like Syndicate. Maybe a little too purple and bloomy to be perfect (the original had a wonderfully orange, gritty feel), but it still looks great.

The game's just a bit short of its initial Kickstarter goal. Hopefully over the next seven days it can get over the line.

Satellite Reign [Kickstarter]


    7 days and still missing a good chuck of funding, get on this now everyone, let's wash the bad taste of the awful official reboot once and for all

    6 days to go .... looking very light on funds.
    They have $$ milestones for what would be added...looks like may not even get base kickstart atm :(

    Yes do it!
    I backed this in the first few days as one of the devs is a friend. Over the last few weeks and with the release of the video above I'm becoming more and more excited for the game it'self.

    If you've got the cash to spare, it's a great project and indie game company to back!

    The Armikrog Kickstarter got a massive boost in the last 48 hours to surpass its goal, so i'm REALLY hoping this does the same thing.

    Picked the worst time for a kickstarter IMO. Do i spend $x on this on the hope it may come to pass or spend $x for cheap ass titles that i've been wanting to play thanks to the steam sales.

      Easy - Kickstart it! The cheap games will still be there next time there's a sale, the Kickstarter is only open now.

        But by the same token, when you're talking about self-interest, if you buy games on a steam sale, you have something to play now. If you support a kickstarter but buy no games, you have nothing to play. :P

        That said, a lot of the recent stuff on Steam hasn't been deep discounted as much this sale as it will be next sale, so anyone who could wait for that - and is in the habit of waiting - wouldn't go far wrong with some kickstarter.

    Looks promising, think i'll back it!

    Gaming today needs these kind of titles. All the bells and whistles, however cool in the latest and greatest AAA titles, sometimes take away from that old school gameplay that got me addicted to games like the original Syndicate.

    I'll admit they made me rage at times, but id always go back for more, because my rage was always at my own mistakes, rarely because of the game - I just had to get better.

    Funny how that has kind of gone nowadays in gaming because it seems every second mother fucker buying games has the attention span of a fish...

    Anyway, end rant.

    oh, also, what a fucking great time to be a gamer, when we can actively help get these games into our homes...

    Awesome looking! It looks like the funding is almost there. I've spent my hard earned dollars on supporting this.

    I've backed, (and upped my backing as well to get a physical box to put on my shelf)

    but doesn't look like it'll get funded :( I really hope that being on steam greenlight as well that it'll still get made so I can play that instead of the poor excuse for a sequel that was officially released.

    Just backed it as well, though admittedly I haven't had a particularly good track record with kick starters

    I can't believe this hasn't been funded yet! Do what you can people!

    I noticed that Tycho from Penny Arcade wrote about this kickstarter last night, and the game got funded shortly after. The traffic those guys control can truly melt servers, getting a word from Tycho or Gabe on your kickstarter has probably got to be the fastest way to get one backed.

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