Brisbane-Made Satellite Reign Hits Early Access

Brisbane-Made Satellite Reign Hits Early Access

For those looking to get in on the wars of the syndicates… *ahem* I mean, the reign of the satellites, this Brisbane-made Kickstarter darling just hit Early Access on Steam.

Gizmodo recently featured Satellite Reign as Australia’s most successful Kickstarter project. It was funded in Pounds, as the local version of Kickstarter wasn’t up and running yet, but it still counts.

Based in Brisbane, the goal of Satellite Reign is to provide a spiritual sequel to the Syndicate series. Not like that the actual Syndicate sequel — a scenario that seems to be playing out more and more with IP properties these days. However, unlike some other Early Access games, it’s looking like this one will go the distance and come out very prettily in the end. It might be too early, but I think we’ll be chalking this one up as another win for the local indie scene, which has had its fair share of wins lately.

It’s looking pretty good, as the below trailer will show, and if you’re willing to experience the game with a few warts, you can get in on the action before release. I’m especially digging the weight of characters as they move, and the lighting.


  • Neat – I was just wondering what happened to this game, since I didn’t hear much about it since the Kickstarter. Glad to see that it’s doing reasonably, or so it seems. Looks like it’s coming along.

  • There is not a lot of content there at the moment but it’s shaping up to be the Syndicate Clone we all wanted.

  • It was cool backing this game and meeting some of the devs at Pax. They seem to have nailed the feel of the game – although I haven’t played much of the alpha as I don’t want to ruin my experience.

  • Had a play at PAX, it definitely looks very appealing to play. However, it takes a lot to get in to. It’s not very intuitive at first, a lot of reading. The gameplay is very technical and tactical. If that’s your type of thing then I think you will enjoy this game. But with a lot of today’s games being “pick up, put down, move on to the next” it didn’t seem to fair well among the other games at PAX.

  • So keen for when this is out of Early release, i only finished the original Syndicate a couple of years back after being in my pile of shame since childhood =)

  • The Early Access couldn’t have better timing. I’m not buying any games at all in 2015, so it’s good to be able to effectively preorder.

    That said, totally not going to play it while it’s in Early Access. That’s a fantastic way to completely ruin your experience of a game and burn out on it while it’s shit.

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