Panopticon's Future London Is Chock Full Of Monsters And Explosions

There's a webpage titled "Panopticon" which, for a while, was counting down to something. Now, a trailer's been revealed. It features a dystopian-looking London, ridiculous HAL 9000 headbands, and lotsa fighting.

Beneath the video is a date, May 21, which is when Sony will (presumably) tell us more.

Panopticon [PlayStation Japan]


    Crap that looks awesome

    Do you think this is studio Japan's next master piece? anyway looks good most Lilkly next gen the render is smooth but I don't think it's 100% cg I think game play snipets were there also any translation for the Japanese characters that appear ?

    heres hoping its an rpg, that they actually plan on taking worldwide

    Word is its another Vita hunter title. Perhaps cross play with PS4 though?

    looks awesome but i have a bad feeling this might just be a another take on the monsterhunter genre. I hope not, i hope its a full blown story and all

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