Please, Let This Be Call Of Duty Dog's First DLC

Map packs? Please. The future of Call of Duty DLC must surely be new dogs. Hopefully, the first will be this Corgi, done by French artist Diana Da Costa, that is so cuddly I am about to die.

Collar of Duty [Rated R]


    I LOL'd

      Holy shit me too, and I'm on a business call with an overseas client.

      Thank god I hit mute a moment before opening this.

      I'm quite certain I've seen something about a dog in CoD somewhere before... I vaguely remember things like "TV", "Watercooler", "Go Home", "Sports", stuff like that.

    Think I've play this before, your character gets stuck in a magic ring which is first picked up by a little girl whom you take control of, but then she trips and the ring gets picked up by a dog and you use the dog to get into the city thats under sedge by your own forces

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