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Use the new Potaku Pizza App to order pizza while you listen! Welcome to another episode of Potaku!

This week, we’re joined by the lovely HotdogWithSauce, and the Juicy Boys Pants, Doc and Shiggy as they talk about Online Passes, Phoenix Wright (HOLY CRAP ITS GOING TO BE GREAT!), the new Evil Dead and how awesome Terminator 2 is. Plus, Doc and Pants talk slurpees for a little bit. It’s an awesome new week full of fun and excitement, games and movies and all the stuff that makes our show somewhat decent!

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And don’t forget that we have Potaku too, where anyone is free to write, contribute and help share ideas with other people! You can get in touch with our editor through his email or Twitter too! We have some great stuff up so feel free to look and contribute!

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Check out the show here or on iTunes and check out our website, where you can grab the newest eps, old episodes and anything else we do too!

Thanks all for tuning in for another week! Hope you enjoy the show and we’ll see you next time!


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